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IP PBX Solution For Business Helps Lower Costs, Improve Communications and Generate Revenues

Communication is at the core of business operations. Employees need to stay in touch with one another and with suppliers as well as with customers. Standard telephony is out. It is just not adequate to meet the modern methods of communications such as social media, audio and video conferencing, web chat, voice mail, fax, SMS and email in addition to mobile and plain old standard phone conversations.

VoIP based IP PBX Software are indispensable for businesses that must seamlessly integrate all these channels of communication into a single stream. Choosing the right IP PBX software vendor and type of installation is also important. Onsite PBX software could take quite some time to install and become operational whereas a hosted PBX SaaS can become operational in just an hour or so and the user need not expend on IT infrastructure, dedicated hardware or the software. All that is needed is a few IP phones and the existing computer system with internet connectivity. IP PBX has evolved. The standard feature set includes audio and video calling, DID management, phone book, speed dialing, blacklist and white list, music on hold, routing rules, fax, voicemail, least cost routing, call recording and DND, to mention only a few. Such systems can be configured to suit enterprises with operations in various geographic locations and allow seamless communication.

However, mobile telephony and the various channels that customers or vendors use for interaction necessitate a further evolution in IP PBX as a business communication tool. Inclusion of WebRTC in the IP PBX package should be looked upon as a necessity, not an option. This is because WebRTC simplifies video and audio chats as well as group conference through a browser interface and a new person can be inducted into a group chat simply by sending him an invite and he can use his smartphone browser to join the conversation. WebRTC in IP PBX also facilitates online presentations and document sharing as well as selective chats. Another thing to look for is CRM integration, which is absolutely indispensable for businesses that must emphasize customer satisfaction. Any business, whether large or small and regardless of its scale of operations, would do well to opt for IP PBX solutions that include these features.

The benefits are many. Cost of calls reduces dramatically. Online video conferencing is a breeze and interactions improve, saving time and cost. Customers express satisfaction when they receive prompt responses and this contributes to better branding as well as higher revenues. When one opts for a hosted IP PBX, it becomes even better because the user, in effect, pays for the service from the revenues it helps to generate. It is not just large enterprises that benefit from IP PBX; even small enterprises benefit.

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