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HoduSoft creates a buzz at the ITEXPO2022 with its award-winning product suite

HoduSoft Creates a Buzz at the ITEXPO2022 with its Award-Winning Product Suite

Industry trends, especially in communication technology, have been fast-paced over the last few years. The transformation from landline phones to VoIP to unified communication software has been revolutionary. ITEXPO is one such event that holds a mirror for businesses all across the globe regarding the current and emerging ICT trends.  Held in Florida, this annual event brought together 300+ exhibitors and 200+ speakers for the conferences. HoduSoft participated in the global networking event showcasing its innovative UC products.

“Paving the path to raising new hopes in business communication technology, HoduSoft enjoyed this opportunity to participate in one of the most well-attended tech events of the year, ITEXPO 2022, Florida. The event comprised insightful conferences, engaging activities, and most importantly a conducive business environment to interact with businesses of all sizes. HoduSoft was acknowledged as the creator of premium unified communications software impacting the business of all our clients.0

Looking forward to setting new collaboration for strengthening our business network worldwide, ” said Kartik Khambhati, co-founder and chief business development officer of the company.

ITEXPO is one of the largest business technology events. It was held this year from 21st June to 24th June at Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This annual event brought together businesses, service providers, IT professionals, emerging startups, SMEs, and other prominent players in the communication technology industry under one roof. This insightful event became the conversation starter throwing the limelight on UC trends and brands that have leveraged the latest technology to bring transformation in business communication. This trade exhibition became the ground for new partnerships and collaboration opportunities for several companies. ITEXPO was the tech event that led to numerous meaningful interactions making every day immensely productive for the exhibitors as well as visitors.

The HoduSoft team had a gala time interacting with prospective clients, business partners, and peers. Amidst insightful panel discussion, the HoduSoft leadership arranged a dart game to keep the audience engaged with fun activities. The HoduSoft leadership presented its diverse UC software elaborating on how unified communication can drive efficiency for businesses. The HoduSoft leadership participated in panel discussions highlighting the significance of building futuristic UC products by harnessing the power of evolving technology.

Boosting ROI through reliable UC solution

Integrating unified communication software into business operations has opened up the door of opportunities for organizations, startups, and even small businesses. It is a powerful tool that brings the following advantages to the table.

  • Streamlines business workflow
  • Automates mundane tasks
  • Saves time by cutting down the guesswork
  • Boost productivity by aiding team collaboration
  • Handle a large volume of calls even with small teams
  • Improves customer service experience

86% of businesses have admitted that they experience several workplace issues due to inadequate communication tools. On the other hand, the adoption of the UC solution has led to improved productivity and consequently visibly enhanced ROI. Therefore, choosing the right unified communication software can enable a business to drive revenue growth. 

HoduSoft as the ultimate UC solution

HoduSoft has been delivering its global clients with world-class UC products to strengthen their business communication and collaboration. Today, most businesses are operating through remote employees. Therefore, focusing on communication has never been so important before. When employees stay connected through a reliable communication tool, it cuts down the errors that may otherwise occur due to communication gaps.

HoduSoft offers the following software as their unified communication solution.

  • HoduCC: A reliable contact center software enriched with advanced features to deliver a stellar customer experience.
  • HoduPBX: Make collaboration effortless with a robust enterprise phone system for seamless connectivity on a unified platform.
  • HoduBlast: A voice and SMS broadcasting software to enhance your marketing outreach effortlessly
  • HoduConf: A call conferencing solution that enhances team collaboration through superior audio and video conferencing.

HoduSoft’s deliverance has been a contributing factor to its business growth. It has reared shared success by boosting the efficiency as well as revenue of its clients. With the comprehensive product suite, HoduSoft has been performing consistently in delivering premium quality software products. HoduSoft showcased its wide array of products at the tech supershow, ITEXPO to enable the audience to get a clear understanding of the value of UC for their businesses.

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