How to Ensure Standardized Security for Contact Centers admin August 21, 2020
How to Ensure Standardized Security for Contact Centers
How to ensure standardized security for contact centers
How to ensure standardized security for contact centers

How to Ensure Standardized Security for Contact Centers

Security and privacy policies are paramount for all businesses. Especially while handling a call center or a contact center, it is imperative to adhere to the security standards strictly. Most contact center software users nowadays are aware of the perils of contact center security lapse.  Besides, because of the pandemic of COVID-19, businesses are promoting remote work. But threat actors are finding loopholes even when call center security best practices are employed, leaving everyone vulnerable. Several kinds of DoS (Denial of Service) are in use and the SIP (System Initiation Protocol)  lets attackers manipulate the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) packets to generate different attack vectors. The contact center software is often regarded as a high-risk area for data security compromises. Hence, contact center security measures have become more crucial. Threat actors usually process and store a host of PII – Personally Identifiable Information such as payment card data and social security numbers. Making the sensitive information stored in a contact center software vulnerable and the prime targets for fraudulent activity.

Assessing Risk Actors in Contact Center Security

However, sometimes external actors are not the only ones eyeing the contact center’s PII information. The call center security best practices may pale if the process in the organization can also put sensitive data at risk. Sometimes, potential insider threats also make business owners worrisome about the data breach.  Besides, the accidental data leak by human error or by falling victim to a phishing attack in contact center software can also cause concern for many contact centers or call center owners. 
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While the majority of agents are diligent, customer-focused, and trustworthy, it only takes one employee succumbing to malicious ideas to violate compliance laws and possibly cause a massive data breach. The call center security checklist sometimes overlooks potential damage from insiders. Thus, a secured software solution is a must-have for the business that deals with customers’ confidential details. Let’s explore how HoduSoft solutions offer optimal security measures within the contact center software.

Many call centers record calls for monitoring or training purposes. The audio files often have sensitive information. The files mostly contain credit cards or debit card details, which is at higher risk for the data breach. But, if your system is robust enough and has authentic accessibility for the recordings, the risk is minimal level. Our contact center software has secured call recording functionality, which is only accessible to authorized personnel only. 

Interactive voice systems and other automated measures may improve call centers, and help them to keep pace with the volume or drive process efficiencies to decrease costs. But, all of this automated communication runs by computers, which means a great deal of data saves someplace on networks or in the cloud. Call center security tips sometimes may feel inadequate for IVRs. So, while thinking about owning new software, make sure their practices for the data storage, protection, and management of automated call data are in place. All these processes are ensured at HoduSoft to provide maximum fortification from attacks.

COVID-19 has changed the scenario of business operations. The remote work approach widely accepts phenomena in the current situation. Hence, employees need access to day-to-day or crucial data outside the business premises. This demands specialized security for file sharing. If a contact center software has a file encryption provision, it is beneficial in many ways. The secured data transfer with end-to-end encryption reduces the chances of a data breach.

Not everyone in a contact center needs to have access to all the information. Controlled access is particularly essential for call centers and contact centers. Our contact center solutions offer controlled access for the entire system. From role assigning to call monitoring and recording, everything controlled by the master admin account. HoduSoft strictly adheres to security standards while developing call center software solutions. Security should not be overlooked in today’s cyber-sensitive environment. We understand the importance of data security; hence we ensure all types of security measures. We securely safeguard our clients’ information while collaborating with them.


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