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HoduCC Call Center - Transforming Your Customer Experience

HoduCC, To Make Call Monitoring an Integral Part of Your Call Centers

The basic requirement of any call center is to provide the best customer services to the callers in all possible ways such as helping him to make an action, or resolving his query, or telling him the status of his past action. For a call center agent, this job is repetitive as handling the same type of calls and answering the same queries. Moreover, a few furious customers might make their job difficult by shouting at them. Even if the enough instructions and initial training is given, as a human being the agent might talk rudely to the caller. It can be out of burst or even unknowingly. However, a spur of the moment of an agent can create disastrous consequences such as losing the customers, bad feedback over social networks or even can ruin your brand.

Due to all these reasons, it is very important to monitor the call quality and make sure that the callers are getting the polite and professional answers. The HoduCC, call center solution offers the extensive features to your call center, to make sure the highest call quality.

To supervise the call quality, the supervisors can use features such as barge-in to check the call quality without acknowledgment of the agent. Whisper to mentor the agent how to respond to the caller who is difficult to handle by him for any particular reason, without acknowledgment of the caller. Coaching to conduct the conference with the agent and the caller with the acknowledgment of both to resolve the query of the caller with the expert knowledge.

It is obvious the supervisor cannot monitor all the calls at the same time for all the agents assigned to him. Another great feature of the HoduCC, call center software is to record the call for monitoring and training purpose. This will allow the supervisor to check the call quality at his pace. Moreover, to make the mentoring more engaging and to let your agents shine, playback the recording to him. Ask him to identify the area, he thinks he was nervous or a bit rude and work on it. This will encourage the self learning to improve the performance.

The HoduCC, call center solution offer many more features to monitor the calls and ensure that each caller gets the professional and polite answer as well as your agents can improvise their performance. Contact Us for your call center solution.

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