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Top 5 Things You Must Check Before Buying Contact Center Software

Getting the right contact center software is an important thing as it is a considerable upfront investment for any business or call center. Thus, you have to ensure that your investment will give you good returns. You will find piles of articles giving tips on how to choose the best contact center solution with a few basic tips. However, this article will give you top 5 areas you must consider apart from the common areas.

Support for Additional Business Tools and Value Added Features

You will get the common features such as call routing, IVR, call forwarding, conference, barge-in, whisper in all contact center software. However, there are a few specific business tools such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), eCommerce platform, helpdesk, etc., which you might need, but the contact center software doesn’t have. The contact center software you are considering to buy must support all the required business tools. It can either have them as a built-in feature or it should support your existing business tools. Along with these, you need to make sure that it gives some value added features to make different tasks automated. For example, if a customer has requested a call back, at a specified time, the system should generate an automated call to that customer. There can be many as such features, which could work in your favor to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Ease of Use

Before buying any contact center software, you have to ensure that it is easy to use by any agent and supervisor. If you buy the best contact center software in the world, but your staff is struggling to understand its interface or functionality then your investment is drained. Thus, you have to make sure with simple training; your staff can utilize the bought solution easily. You may ask for a free trial from the vendor to test the contact center software and give it to a best performing agent/supervisor and average performing agent/supervisor. See how comfortable they are in using it. This will aid your decision making.

Deployment Time

There can be contact center software, which is a perfect fit for you. However, if it takes too much time to get deployed on your system, then it can affect your business model. Imagine, you need a solution now and it would take 3 months to get into action! So before signing a contract or making payment, make sure the contact center software deployment time and your launch time are not conflicting anywhere.

Technical Support from Vendor

It’s software and just like any other software, you might face some technical glitch while it is in use. At that time, your vendor must have quick technical support mechanism so your system gets running again. You have to check their support contract, its pricing, etc. So you can get quick support, if needed.


As a business owner, you must be having plans to grow. Your contact center software must be scalable to meet your business growth quickly. It should be hassle free and quick to scale up.

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