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Why You Should Use IP PBX Solution?

The technology is changing rapidly. Diversified products are getting launched now and then. There is not even a single area which is untouched by the technological inventions and innovations. For instance, Facebook and WhatsApp have been part of routine life for many. Smartphones have improved the working approach of many business professionals. In such rapidly changing world, for business it is very important to make a prudent move by investing in the right technologies and tools. It is important to have best-in-class tools and solutions in your armory. Thus, before making any decision of buying any solution, you need to make sure two things.

  1. The solution you are investing in having the state-of-the-art technology
  2. The solution you are investing in is scalable.

If the Private Branch Exchange is something you are considering to invest in for improving your communication and collaboration, then IP PBX will be the best option. The IP PBX solution not only confirm both aforementioned statements, but also provide many other benefits to your business. This article will explain a few key reasons to get the IP PBX solution.

Elimination of Dependability

Day by day it is getting important to stay in constant touch of the customers. Also, it is important to answer their concerns in real time. The IP PBX solution is a software-based system, which eliminates the extra hardware and fixed lines. The IP PBX software is accessible from  smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Thus, your employees can connect with the PBX solution from their personal devices when they are away from the office and they can use office phones as and when they are in the office premises.

Remarkable Cost Saving

The IP PBX solution can save significant communication cost. It uses the IP bridging to establish the communication. It supports a single number configuration. The different departments of the company become accessible using this single number and this internal communication can be established for free. Also, it supports the call center structure very fluidly, which further saves cost. Furthermore, as it is a software solution, you don’t need to spend much on the operations and maintenance of this solution.

Easy Scalability

IP PBX is a software-based solution, which makes the addition of new extensions very easy. You neither need to add any extra boards nor any other infrastructure to scale up the system.

No Special Cabling Required

To add extra extensions, you don’t need to add any extra cabling for adding the new extensions. You can use the already existing computer infrastructure cabling to connect the IP PBX solutions with the IP Phones. Generally, a built-in Ethernet switch is part of the IP Phone, which makes is connectable with the normal cables used to connect the desktops and laptops of your company.

Easy To Use And Maintain

Majority of the IP PBX solutions has web based interface, which makes it easy to use for any user. Any standard browser (for instance, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) can be used to access the admin and user panel of the IP PBX. For instance, one may easily check his/ her voicemails from their desktops and laptops. As it is a software, it needs system upgrade. This can be easily performed by your admin. Contact Us for more information on hosted IP PBX solution.

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