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HoduCC Best Telemarketing Software Award 2021

HoduCC named Best Telemarketing Software by Digital.com

Little did we know six years back, when HoduSoft started its journey that we will become part of the growth stories of the most enterprising companies in the world. The latest recognition comes from Digital.com. HoduSoft’s HoduCC omnichannel contact center software has been named the best telemarketing software by the online review platform, Digital.com. Telemarketing has become quintessential for companies to reach their prospects and existing customers.

“We are delighted to be named the best telemarketing software by Digital.com. It is heartening to know that our customers find HoduCC helpful in their telemarketing efforts. I express my gratitude to our customers and partners for their sustained faith in the HoduSoft products. It is their faith that energizes and pushes us to work harder,” the company Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Kartik Khambhati said on the latest development.

HoduSoft’s contact center software brand HoduCC made the cut among top solutions for large and small call centers in the final list. The selection is based on features such as call routing, call logging, and call recording. The guide published by the online review platform also examined the software on parameters such as pre-built customer relationship management (CRM) systems and reporting tools that assist users to assess and improve their telemarketing activities.

Telemarketing for businesses today

Telemarketing has existed for ages. As per IBIS World, the size of the telemarketing market and call centers in the US stood at USD 25 billion in 2021. The good old phone calls never fail. Especially, to gauge immediate customer sentiments. However, most of the companies cannot afford employees working alone on telemarketing activities. They need to rationalize the processes so the employees are not expressly working on telemarketing. On the other hand, companies need to follow the legislation laid down by local authorities on telemarketing. For instance, the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission) of the US allowed health care providers to carry out emergency automated calls and text messages related to COVID-19.

Keeping all this in mind, organizations need to optimize their processes to get the desired result in a limited time span. To achieve this, small businesses need automation. Here are our tips to achieve success with your telemarketing:

1. More than just a contact center software

Today, modern contact center software comes with dialing software such as auto dialers, multi-level interactive voice response, automatic call routing, third-party integrations, and more.  These powerful tools help to increase the telemarketing team’s efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

2. Map the customer journey

You are more likely to have a meaningful conversation with prospects when you have more information at your disposal. Modern-day contact centers do just that. You can map customer journeys in an omnichannel environment. With the integration of CRM, it becomes a more powerful vehicle for sales and marketing campaigns.

3. Measure, report, and analyze

When companies use auto-dialers or software for telemarketing they can analyze their performance across various metrics. The ratio of successful outbound calls can throw up insights into the quality of leads, the performance of telemarketers, and the success of the campaign. Tools like “whispering” or call forwarding can help the managers take steps to enhance the call performance of the particular telemarketer.

How to choose the best telemarketing software?

There are many players in the market now but thanks to Digital.com and other review platforms, you can rely on an actual user’s feedback to pick up the best solution.

The research team of Digital.com conducted over 40 hours of rigorous research on over 39 telemarketing software companies from across the internet. Only the companies which received positive reviews and comments from actual users made it to the final list. Digital.com also used sentiment analysis for scoring companies and their products along with Twitter comments. The review compares the best products, services, and software for running or growing a small business website or online shop.



Figure: HoduCC named best telemarketing software by Digital.com
Figure: HoduCC named best telemarketing software by Digital.com


HoduCC is the best telemarketing software for companies of all sizes–large and small. As an omnichannel platform, it is a complete solution for scaling telemarketing activities end-to-end.

In the Digital.com list, HoduCC features the list on the basis of three parameters as recommended by the company.

i) Telemarketing features

Even if you want to use a Preview dialer, a Predictive dialer, or a Progressive dialer for your call center, you may want to find out and review the various telemarketing features. Digital.com recommends software with features such as call routing, call logging, and call recording.

ii) Built-in CRM

If any employee has immediate access to a customer record, they will save precious time and will not make the customer wait. An in-built customer relationship management (CRM) solution also saves the cost and inconvenience of using a distinct CRM software.

iii) Reports

The knowledge if calls are actually answered by a person or an answering machine, and the number of calls dropped, is an important metric to derive success from a telemarketing software. The granular reports help users assess and improve their telemarketing practices.

You can access the full Digital.com list at Best Telemarketing Software to know more about software that is helping telemarketers worldwide.

To know more about HoduCC, call on +91-886-672-8362 |+1-707-708-4638 or write to [email protected] to get a bird’s eye view of our software from VoIP experts.

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