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HoduCC wins 2021 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award by TMC, USA

We are still a few months away before we can bid adieu to 2021, but it seems the HoduSoft team has much to thank its customers and partners for. HoduCC, our Omnichannel Contact Center Software has been recognized with the 2021 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award by Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC). We ranked high in the prestigious list demonstrating innovation, quality, and unique features which had a positive impact on the customer experience. 

HoduCC is an advanced and feature-rich call and contact center software suitable for businesses of all sizes. It allows customer support teams to provide their customers with personalized and meaningful support within an omnichannel customer journey. HoduCC offers a range of features that automates processes, streamlines calls, and gleans insightful reports in real-time. 

“We are delighted to receive the 2021 Customer Contact Center Technology Award by TMC. HoduCC is designed to help businesses meet the needs of today’s modern customers. Digitization and technological developments have ushered in an era of omnichannel personalization. With HoduCC, companies can take proactive steps to make customer experiences delightful,” the company Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Kartik Khambhati, said. 

The global integrated media company TMC announced its 16th  annual CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award through a press release on the website. The awards recognize vendors and technologies that embrace technology as a key tool for customer service excellence. This award also distinguishes their success as innovators, thought leaders, and market movers in the contact center and customer care industries.

“It is a matter of pride for us to be placed among major tech players by TMC, which has been honoring leaders in contact center technology for more than 15 years. HoduSoft strives to bring innovative solutions that help to foster long-term customer relationships and maximize customer value,” he said. 

Each recognition is special, and a reminder that building customer value goes a long way. HoduSoft started its journey as a Unified Communications software maker six years back. From then to now, it has been a roller coaster ride, learning, growing, evolving to become one of the leading Unified Communications software makers globally.   

Contact Center marketplace today

Contact centers have been around for over three decades now. However, the industry did not occupy a prime spot as organizations perceived customer service as ancillary. Thanks to digitization and technological advancements, the contact center industry is taking rapid strides to become one of the most advanced and early adopters of the latest innovations. 

As per estimates by Statista, the global contact center market will grow steadily over the next few years to hit USD 496 billion by 2027. The contact center marketplace is witnessing innovation and adoption of technologies due to the rising focus on customer service. For instance, HoduCC contact center software has in-built work from home tools to allow customer service agents to carry out their work seamlessly.

How is HoduSoft reshaping the world of business communication?

Since the very beginning, HoduSoft has led with innovation and customer-centricity at the core. All the HoduSoft VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  products are designed by qualified and experienced professionals and undergo strict quality testing. However, the actual test starts after the deployment at the customer’s premise or in the cloud.

With 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting the team ensures that HoduSoft customers have a delightful experience. The company has a diverse product suite that includes: 

HODUPBX–  Business Phone System

HoduPBX is an advanced internet telephony system for corporates and enterprises. The IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) system is available in two variants—single and multi-tenant for different classes of users as per the company size. HoduPBX also serves as a perfect foundation for Unified Communications systems of the future.  

HODUBLAST– SMS and Voice Broadcast Software

HoduBlast is a digital voice and messaging software used by businesses, for effective outreach and marketing campaigns. Using HoduBlast, organizations can save 30%-70% in costs and make their outreach process effortless too.

HODUCONF– Audio Conferencing Software

HoduConf is a multi-tasking audio conferencing software for business collaboration. From small interactive meetings to large engaging webinars, it has you covered.

Getting Future-Ready In times of uncertainty

The role of communication is changing as businesses shift gears to adapt to a more digital economy. Getting a reliable, secure, and capable partner to navigate the challenges of the unknown is the only option. 

Contact centers and call centers are often the first point of contact that customers experience human touch. Among the many, award-winning software passes discretionary tests to secure high ranks. In the same way, only the best make it to the TMC list after careful scrutiny. As TMC puts it, “This award distinguishes their (winners) success as innovators, thought leaders, and market movers in the contact center and customer care industries.”

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