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How to Engage New Customer Within a Web Conference

“Engaging with the customers should be the primary goal of all the business activities in an organization.” This quote by Maulik Shah, co-founder of Ecosmob Technologies clearly indicates that no matter what business activities an organization undertake. The main target needs to be the customer engagement.

So, you have heard a lot about customer engagement and what are the benefits that it can offer to you at an organizational level. But, how about going it within a web conference?

During engaging with a customer during web conference, the customers are not available in front of you. So, it is likely that you have to guess on how your new customers will react or engage with you during the video conference. But, you need to leave a long lasting impression on the back of their mind. What say? So, how would you do that? Means, how would you engage your new customers within a web conference?

Let’s prepare everything from beginning on how you will initiate with the customer engagement process through the web video conferencing:

1.  Choose the Right Web Conferencing Tool

The first and foremost important element to initiate with the planning and processing the web conference, is to choose the right video conference tool.

Now, how would you select one?

For this, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, choose the right vendor who has been one of the leading web conferencing service providers.
  • The tool should have the capability to get easily configured into your existing system.
  • The important thing is the quality. So, the tool should be simple, easy to configure and of the highest quality.
  • Last, but not the least it should be a great fit for your budget

Well, HoduSoft offers robust and scalable web conferencing software at an affordable rate. Don’t forget to check out its demo. It’s free!

2.  Make the Best Use of that Video Conferencing Tool

So, you have now finalized your web conferencing software. Let’s move on to how to use it to ensure effective communication.

  • Most important, organize a conference through the scheduler available with the tool.
  • Use the record/playback feature so that you can send the recording of the meeting/demo/whatever to your potential customers. They will be enlightened to review it whenever they want to. So, it will be easier for them to take the decision faster.
  • Also, all call features like muting, putting on hold, volume, playing music while on hold, etc. are available with the web conference software. During emergency calls or private discussions, these can be utilized.

Well, there are many more features that you can utilize it for live video conferencing, you can check out the list here.

3.  Prepare the Complete Presentation

So, now that you have the right web conferencing tool and the purposes to use it, you should now require to work upon preparing the whole presentation that you are going to share during the conference.

Here, is also a small 3 step process:

a.   Include More than Just Text

People get bored when they see a lot of text. Imagine yourself reading something after you’ve graduated almost 12 years back. Hence, always go for including various images, short video clippings, infographics, data, stats, graphs, animations like GIFs or Memes.

b.   Always Make it Interactive

Also, if one keeps on talking, talking and talking, then the audience will start distracting their attention towards more interesting things. In fact, here there is no chance that you are going to understand your audience based on their expressions, body language, etc. Whether they are actually grasping knowledge about your products/services.

So, always have questions to ask during the video conference, plan to take a pause of a few seconds to let your audience digest your information. Also, web conference software comes with a chat feature as well. So, keep in mind to interact with them using that too.

c.   Drop an Emotional Touch

The audience always connect with the people who add an emotional touch to anything. So, while preparing the presentation, remember who all will be joining you for a conference and plan accordingly that what, when and how an emotional thing you are going to add during the live video conference.

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Final Thoughts

Engaging with the new customers is not something which can be successful from the beginning. People learn to do that through various mediums as engaging is the key to success. You surely agree to this for sure. And, here we discussed a few ways to do so with the help of the great web conference software.

Did you check out the web conference tool by HoduSoft? It is worth giving a try.

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