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Contactless operation of contact center with contact center software

Contactless Operation of Contact Centers With Contact Center Software

COVID-19 could be termed as a blessing in disguise for contact center software employees. The shift to widespread remote work meritoriously leveled the playing field for many contact center employees. Almost everyone in a call center is a remote agent. This means the contact center software you use must facilitate seamless collaboration and service delivery. If the current situation is anything to go by then remote working could well be the new norm. 

The Contactless Conundrum Contact Center Software

In a way, remote working is good for contact centers. As per a report, 98% of employees working remotely, prefer continuing remote work for the rest of their careers. Remote work gives them the flexibility to manage their schedule, work from anywhere, no need to commute, and more. Apart from this, they can spend more time with their loved ones. On the other hand, contact centers can save space and reduce infrastructure and IT equipment costs. By making remote work the standard practice, both contact centers and call center employees can benefit in many ways.

However, the challenge is how to recreate the same collaborative office atmosphere online. Efficiency, quality of service, and fast resolution depend on agents and supervisors being able to collaborate. With the right contact center management software, this need not be an issue. 

Contact center workforce software for effective management of employees

Typically, contact center workforce management software solutions that facilitate remote collaboration include:

  • Video/audio conferencing and chat, public and private
  • Access to CRM from the remote agent’s desktop computer or mobile phone
  • Facility for supervisors and managers to view or listen in to ongoing conversations and barge in, if necessary
  • Share documents, send and receive email or text
  • View and access social media channels through a unified console

There are different ways distances dissolve. For instance, a standard route for call agents in different locations to collaborate is to link through conferencing. They can keep this link alive throughout the day while they interact with customers on other channels. It is easy enough to switch customers to the conference or jump over to the conference to find answers to a tricky question. Another way is to keep a common Facebook page active for team collaboration. A third way is to keep active a common WhatsApp number viewable through the WhatsApp web.

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The incoming call goes to the right agent, regardless of location through smart automatic call distribution contact center software and skill mapping.  Besides, the agent can seek assistance from supervisors or other agents if necessary. In short, with capable omnichannel contact center software, you will no longer find distance collaboration a challenging issue.

Contactless remote working is even better

Think of a typical call/contact center. It has employees working in one or several shifts. You pay for electricity and other costs. You can only draw from a pool of local talent, which could be restrictive in terms of language capabilities. Here, remote working can prove to be beneficial in many ways. 

  • Go contactless and remote with the right contact center software and you can have access to global talent. You can hire talented people with diverse skills and language capabilities to serve even more customers.
  • It is like shooting two birds with a single bullet: cost reductions and increased clientele.
  • Plus, you will be providing work and income to someone who requires a job. For example, hiring older people who will not find jobs easily or work-from-home mums.
  • Engage agents in various regions to give a native and localized customer experience.
  • Your employees stay safe and avoid the risk of contracting Corona, which is a possibility when they commute to work. They also save a lot of time spent on traveling.


The omnichannel contact center software with WebRTC, audio-video chat, CRM integration, automatic call distributor, and skill-based mapping unifies all agents regardless of location. It provides a smooth, very safe, and secure platform. HoduSoft contact center software solutions is exactly what fits the bill to make remote working a joy. 

To meet the specific needs of users, HoduCC omnichannel contact center software is available as both multi-tenant & single-tenant contact center software. The assorted features offered by HoduCC- multichannel customer support software makes it one of the best contact center software. The perk point is that HoduCC is a customizable contact center software. It means you can get this multichannel contact center software customized with the features that work best for your business. 

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