When it comes to customer service, it is said that it takes a lot of investment in bringing in new customers compared to the existing customers. We know that rather working towards getting new customers, it takes more time and efforts to generate more business out of the existing customers. The reason behind this, is the customer service that we offer to them.

As per the research by Harris Interactive, 75% of the customers believe that it takes too long to reach to a LIVE agent. This gap of communication creates a long way between our existing customers and us. Well, this is extremely disappointing as we all are customers too for some or the other businesses. We are also suffering from the same issues, aren’t we?

We are discussing how we can improve customer services through various communication channels. And, here, we are going to discuss how Hosted PBX Systems can help us improve our customer services.

About PBX Systems

To fill in the gap to reach to us, our customers should be able to communicate easily. And, for this purpose, we see great demand for PBX phone systems.

What is a PBX Phone System

What is a PBX Phone System?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system is a communication medium used to allow customers reach to us within our enterprise.

But now, it has evolved using the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Here, the phone calls are made through the Internet Protocol (IP). The communication will be in the form of voice, video and multimedia. And, this evolved and upgraded software-based PBX is known as cloud-based or Hosted PBX.

Looking at the pace enterprises is looking to advance their communication levels, hosted PBX phone systems are becoming the center of attraction for almost each and every industry.

How Do We See Hosted PBX in the Future?

PBX really improved the way of communication the enterprises had earlier. Let’s have a look at the numbers:

  • As per the research by Vonage, whether it is MNC or SMEs, each business that switch from PSTN to VoIP can save minimum 30% on their phone bills
  • Also, average monthly savings can reach to $35 using VoIP, says com
  • At&T claims to save $180 million year on year by switching to VoIP

All these numbers say that traditional phone systems have almost died. We can see that VoIP based hosted PBX is the new trend of communicating the customers.

How Hosted PBX Improves Customer Service?

So, now let’s understand how hosted PBX helps in improving the customer services for our enterprise:

1.   Easy Call Management

Hosted PBX has the capability to take care of our inbound as well as outbound calls. This means that our contact call center can be managed easily, efficiently and successfully by this cloud-based PBX system.

Improves Customer Service

2.   Utilization of Unified Communications Tools

Now unified communications (UC) can be utilized for various purposes. Unified messaging like emails, faxes, voicemails, etc. are received at a single point of contact and are then distributed across various call agents as per their communication history. This makes easier for each call agent to only focus on those customers with whom they have been in contact with. No confusion, no false communication which leads to happy customers.

3.   Find Me / Follow Me Features

A fantastic feature of hosted PBX is the Find Me / Follow Me feature. When we have hosted PBX, each contact center agent has his own extension number, the way we have our emails. This extension number can be connected to the system from anywhere and at any time. So, the customer executive can serve his set of customers irrespective of his place and time. We can call this feature a “successful customer service trick”, what say?

4.   Customized Auto Attendant Features

An auto attendant feature can answer the multiple LIVE calls at the same time. This is done using a drag and drop functionality. When we customize the auto attendant feature, we have the complete control of when this auto attendant will answer the call and will navigate through various menus based on the requirements of a particular customer call. So, this is another feature which is offered by hosted PBX for the betterment of the customer services.

By the way, these are the most important ones, there are other features and benefits a hosted PBX can offer to improve the customer service.

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Final Call

We have seen how traditional phone systems have died and how hosted PBX is turning the way we used to communicate in order to improve the customer satisfaction ratio. Also, looking at the speed enterprises are switching towards hosted PBX systems, more advancements are likely to come and this is going to not only save huge amount on costs, but, ultimately, it is going to save your hard earned customers.

To understand more about the cloud-based or hosted PBX system by HoduSoft, request a Live Demo here.

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