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How to Choose Best Call Center Software for Your Business

How to Choose Best Call Center Software for Your Business

Call centers face intense competition and must deliver satisfaction while lowering their costs and improving efficiency. At the heart of any contact center or call center operation is the software. The software can make or break the call center and its profitability.

Since there are so many call center software products in the market, choosing the right one could be a bit confusing. One could be tempted to go for big names and all that such brands imply but such software may lack in features or have other restrictions that could cramp a contact center’s operation. The call center software must meet certain criteria and if it does, then it is the right one for you. Here is the low down on how to go about it.

Tips to Choosing Best Call Center Software

  • Go for packaged and ready to use contact center solution—it should work right out of the box and integrate seamlessly into the existing IT setup.
  • Expensive is not necessarily the best. Open source based CC software is much more affordably priced and has a ton of features with very few restrictions, if at all, in use. While at it, choose a hosted solution for the monthly subscription.
  • A predictive dialer is a good feature to have in contact center solution. It will anticipate a call and route it to the appropriate agent whose availability is on the higher side. No one stays idle and work is equitably distributed.
  • The automated dialer is another desirable, must-have feature. Intelligence to some degree in this will speed up dialing and reduce workloads on calling agents. It will fetch leads from the database and detect whether the call is connected to an answering machine or a human being and takes appropriate action.
  • Any call center software should have skill based mapping feature to route calls to the right agent and prevent frustration on the part of the customer while easing the workload on agents because the right agent gets to do what he can do best. This goes hand in hand with automatic call distribution feature to make call handling a seamless operation.
  • The usual call center infrastructure includes a VoIP phone attached to the IT system which only clutters up office space beside adding to the time it takes to dial. Also, latest and the best contact center software will include WebRTC that allows seamless dialing from a web browser interface with just one click of the mouse. It also does away with IP phones and keeps offices looking neater and less cluttered.

The best Contact Center solution should have everything that contact centers need to become functional right from installation with no need for add-ons or extras and it should come with support, which is crucial should anything go wrong at any time as Murphy’s law has shown.

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