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Softswitch for your VoIP Business – Choosing the Right Package

VoIP is growing and carriers must also face competition. Quality of service depends on choosing the right VoIP package. Quality of service determines customer satisfaction as well as revenues for the carrier and VoIP Service providers and for them, the right package is fundamental to success.

VoIP relies on Softswitch to carry out almost all functions. A VoIP service provider may be engaged in bulk international business, serving retail VoIP Service providers who engage with end users. The former needs class 4 softswitch while the latter needs class 5 softswitch at the core. Bulk carriers may also engaged in wholesale international business as well as serve the end user such as large business users in which case they can have a comprehensive package that includes both types of softswitch in addition to SBC controller tied with appropriate hardware. One can opt for customization but a ready to go solution that factors in all possible use scenarios is probably the better option. It includes elements of both classes of softswitch in a seamless blend of network management and monitoring besides total reliability.

Hoduswitch is one such all-in-one solution for VoIP service provides that includes comprehensive features like call routing for wholesale line rental customers inbound and outbound call routing including least cost outing, fax, fall-over call routing, mobile number routing, whitelisting for inbound and outbound call traffic, blacklisting and load balancing. What sets it apart is seamless integration of class 5 with class 4 to offer superior administration facilities for the wholesaler. Analytics further enhances business intelligence that can be used to address growth and revenue optimization as well as maintain control. The usual service offerings generally available are based either on class 4 or class 5 with shortcomings. By blending both, such shortcomings are fully taken care of and users get best of both softswitches.

An integrated all-in-one solution that leverages features of both classes of VoIP softswitch saves time and money. Security is a concern both for the wholesaler and retailer, which is admirably served by the built in security features of the package. Cost is another consideration. Hoduswitch is technically refined, inherently secure and more affordable compared to others while offering better and more features. It works right out of the box and offers extreme ease of use. This is what VoIP carriers need and Hoduswitch serves them the way they expect.

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