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Advantages of IP PBX Software

5 Ways IP PBX Software Can Make Your Business More Efficient


A business never stands still. It is always evolving, growing and changing tack. However, the good old phone connection remains the lifeblood of any organization. The only difference is the infrastructure that has changed over the years to accommodate the growing usage effectively. Moving from PSTN, POTS and PRI, businesses are now increasingly adopting VoIP-based phone communication platform IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange). Do not be rattled by the jargon, IP PBX  Software simply means an internet-based phone system, that runs on an IP data network. 

The IP PBX system is gaining popularity due to its versatile use and capability that far outpaces an on-premise PBX system. A unified communication architecture needs more than plain-vanilla PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system to provide a foundation modern-day digitized platform. An IP PBX system gives better value for money and returns for both small and large businesses.  

There are many reasons why IP PBX software based phone system is good for you, we have listed here the top five advantages of IP PBX software to make it easier for you. 

Advantages of IP PBX software for businesses

1. Cost Savings

The first and foremost is the savings on cost IP PBX brings. Whether you call a local number or an international number, the cost of calls reduces drastically due to the SIP trunking that the VoIP technology offers. SIP is System Initiation Protocol, which basically means using the IP network for voice and data transmission. A VoIP- based infrastructure fulfills the network requirement to enable such transmission. 

You can choose to access IP PBX software on-premise or hosted. An on-premise IP PBX software with a server and the entire network can give you access to IP PBX telephony features such as low latency. Of course, this involves investment in hardware that can be avoided by using hosted IP PBX software  on a monthly subscription basis as one earns and pays for the telephony costs.

2. Simple management of complex network

IP PBX software runs on Windows and has an easy to use GUI, that can be managed even by the most complex network with ease. You can enjoy features like call monitoring, selective access, vendor management, DID management, gateway/trunk management, phone books, blacklist, and whitelist, call recording, video calling, audio recording, conferencing and voicemails. Service providers benefit from advanced billing facilities, rate card, and bill plan features all of which can be managed through a dashboard. It is easy to move IP phones from one connection to another.

3. Scalability

IP PBX software is adaptable and allows you to scale as per your needs of the business.  You can easily scale down your use in hosted IP PBX service and pay accordingly. If there is a periodic need for higher loads, it is easily accommodated. It is easy to add branch offices and remote extensions and enjoy use over desktops or smartphones in a safe, secure way. IP PBX is so easy it even allows the use of analog phones and faxes.

You can use softphones and IP-enabled phones during remote work, or work from home. It provides the necessary flexibility for hybrid work settings. 

4. Feature-rich

A standard telephone line provides only audio communications. IP PBX software solution incorporates audio and video web conferencing, SMS, chat, email and fax in a unified communication framework as well as CRM integration.

With several add-on features, you can boost your productivity and increase efficiency. 

5. Plenty of extensions for even greater productivity and efficiency

You can opt for standard features and then extensions such as phonebook, caller ID blocking, DND, intercom dialing, find me/follow me, call returns, barge in, selective acceptance and rejection, as well as others, according to need.

Companies that use standard PBX can easily migrate to hosted IP PBX or install on-premise IP PBX solutions. The benefits far outweigh costs: in fact, it is an investment, not an expense.

Although, IP PBX offers many benefits before deployment you should keep the following things in mind, to get the best out it.

Here’s a checklist for you:

Accurate Cost Accounting for Ownership Usage

Find a service provider which offers transparent pricing and has post-installation services factored in, so you do not end up spending more than what you accounted for. 

Fortunately, HoduSoft’s HoduPBX is a feature-rich software, which can be an affordable yet reliable option for you. 

Strength of your internet connection

Before you go for a cloud-based IP PBX, ensure that your internet network is secure and fast to bear telephony connection.  Intermittent outages can lead to call drop-in and drop-out. 


It is best to get a customized software that helps to automate certain tasks as per your business needs. HoduPBX can be customized as per the needs of the customer. 

Technical support

A qualified technical support team can help in many ways. HoduSoft has a large team of experts to cater to each customer adequately. 

Scale and growth

Whatever you choose, the important consideration should be an adaptable solution that can be scaled as your business grows. 

Make the move

HoduPBX offers both on-premise and  cloud-based VoIP IP PBX software. It allows seamless connectivity for branch offices all around over a unified platform. A robust PBX system for small business. HoduPBX can be deployed over cloud leading to reduced communications and network management costs, enhanced collaboration and improved productivity. The PBX system also has softphone, which can be easily used on a desktop or laptop. It can help you bring down the costs on phones, simply by doing with it. 

VoIP-IP PBX software, HoduPBX also offers a host of work from home and remote work solutions such as access through web browser or HoduPhone application. It helps small businesses to securely connect through phone extensions without revealing the location. The software product is backed by a strong technical support team to alleviate any concerns and issues.  

With features such as 1,000+ concurrent call support, 10,000+ extension access, product customization, and attractive UI. It is the ideal solution for the robust and secure communication needs of small or large business owners. 

To know more about the usage of IP PBX in granular detail, do not hesitate to call for a free consultation on +91-886-672-8362 | +1-707-708-4638 or write at [email protected]. Our VoIP experts are just a call away.

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