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Automatic Call Distribution

How You Can Deliver Great Customer Experience With Smart Automatic Call Distributor

If contact center software is at the heart of call center operations then ACD is the core of the software. ACD or Automatic Call Distribution feature gives a fine experience to the customers in addition to optimizing agent usage. It lets customers connect with the best-skilled agents to get a fast and satisfactory resolution of their queries. The ACD system not only helps to elevate customer satisfaction levels but also removes unnecessary call burdens on the agents. Moreover, an automatic call distribution system is a custom-made solution that provides excellent support to the customers.

In all, the ACD system helps to streamline communications while preventing the need to wait for long in the queue. Besides, customers need not repeat themselves multiple times which again saves a lot of time. By taking a little trouble configuring and optimizing ACD rules you can deliver an even better experience.

About Automatic Call Distribution Software

An automatic call distribution contact center is simply a telephony system that answers and distributes incoming calls. The system smartly distributes the calls to a particular agent or department based on various factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Customer’s selection (IVR)
  • Office hours
  • Area code
  • The selected campaign
  • Availability of the most appropriate agent, etc.

The key motive behind using ACD contact center software is to sort and manage large volumes of calls. It allows customers to connect with the most appropriate agent quickly. This way it prevents overburdening the agents and increases the customer satisfaction level. As a result, it enhances the overall experience of both the customers as well as agents.

ACD contact center software is undoubtedly the best tool to deal with issues like high call volume; agents are not online, persona-based calling, etc. The system works based on the following factors:

  • Office hours
  • Area code
  • Availability of most equipped agents in the queue

After all, allowing customers to choose the self-service options helps them save a lot of time. Moreover, they can easily reach the most appropriate agent or department without repeating their queries again and again. Besides, by integrating the IVR system with ACD, businesses can eliminate various repetitive tasks. This again saves time as well as effort.

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Smart Automatic Call Distributor Configuration

Here are some of the key factors that contact centers must keep in mind while configuring the ACD system:

Skill Mapping and Agent Availability

Setting up a simple skill mapping routing coupled with agent availability is the simplest thing but not without shortcomings. It is important to analyze the performance of agents to determine who is the most capable to handle specific issues. A well-equipped and skilled agent can certainly deliver a great experience to the caller. This, of course, depends on availability. Skill mapping may route calls to another agent.

However, in the meanwhile, the caller has to wait in the queue and that can be frustrating. This is where ACD can punch in IVR to help callers to leave a voice message or request a callback. The caller’s number, if it exists in the database, could be used to derive information about the likely topic. This allows an agent to get all the necessary information or history of the caller before taking on the task.

Wait time

Callers rarely get through to the agent on the first try. They may be directed into an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Here again, the configuration of the IVR system in the ACD- call center software matters. These tools help in the immediate resolution of a query if the caller’s query is simple. If the self-service option doesn’t work, the caller can jump straight to talking with an agent with a minimum wait time. Meanwhile, the agent views the caller’s data on his display. After this, he can get straight down to business instead of going through the identification routine.

In all, a good call routing strategy is a must to connect customers with the right agents. This will help contact centers to increase the first contact resolution rate. According to Salesforce report 82% of consumers expect to resolve complex issues by talking to one person.


A caller may feel like calling at any time and it can be frustrating to hear a recorded message. Especially when they make a call after working hours are over. In this case, configuring the software to divert such calls to the agent’s mobile device can satisfy callers. This gives them the feeling of being valued as they are getting responses even after the working hours are over. Moreover, this is also advantageous for contact centers as there are very less chances of missing any important calls after office hours.

Apart from this, an automatic call distribution contact center is usually voicemail-enabled. It means that contact centers can configure custom greetings and instructions to instruct callers on recording their messages. This way, callers can leave a voice recording for your agents and the agents can respond as per their availability.


The automatic call distributor can also be a versatile tool for outbound calls. Intelligent dialers can assign outbound calls based on the agent’s skills and the profile of the party to be called.  These dialers can easily connect the most appropriate agent to the caller for instant resolution of their queries. In this scenario, the system monitors the agent’s call. While monitoring the call, it immediately initiates another call when it recognizes the usual end of conversation dialogues.

As a result, agents do not have to dial numbers. They can easily access the data about customers they will talk with on their display screen. Prioritizing calls is important and prior access to customers’ information helps agents make calls first that get results. Besides, timing is also a crucial factor. That’s why keeping track of location as well as called party preferences can and do make a difference.


To sum up, the ACD system is the best contact center tool to provide a quick response to incoming calls. It helps to save a lot of time and effort by routing the calls to the best available agents. If you are searching for the best tool to streamline heavy call flow, then HoduCC Contact Center Software can be the right choice. It has an automatic call distribution system that provides complete control over call flows. Besides, it comes with assorted features like skill-based routing, call monitoring, a call-back facility, and more.

Enjoy a seamless call distribution system using HoduCC contact center software. Click here to know more about HoduSoft’s automatic call distribution contact center.

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