Call Center Software Trends To Watch In 2019 admin December 18, 2018
Call Center Software Trends To Watch In 2019
Call Center Software Trends To Watch In 2019
Call Center Software Trends To Watch In 2019

Call Center Software Trends To Watch In 2019

Call centers must be upping their game on an ongoing basis just to keep up with trends and satisfy ever rising customer expectations. Technology helps and since call centers are essentially powered by software, it follows that using the latest instead of sticking to legacy Call Center software solutions will help them achieve their goals. 2019 could see trends that will become more widely adapted as a way to deliver customer satisfaction and achieve more.

AI power

AI integration into call center software by capable developers will affect all components such as predictive dialers, automatic call distribution and skill based mapping. This will optimize call handling and result in better customer satisfaction. Call center agents will be able to do more and yet feel less stress. AI inclusion also leads to better integration of more features.

Everything integrated

From being just a voice based solution, call center solutions today include IVRs for self service, social media channels and even video-audio chats with WebRTC integration. It is not just callers who have a better experience in the time to come. Agents will actually enjoy their jobs because every channel is present in front of them in the dashboard so they do not have to switch between SMS, email, social media and voice. In fact, with AI integration, they could receive popups that could potentially point to leads or issues on social media and this may help them take a proactive stand for better outcomes. Call center software will be more focused on making an agent’s life easier with the help of advanced technologies in order to help them do better. WebRTC video chat, for instance, could help them enjoy talking on video with a customer and this could become the norm rather than an exception.


Analytics is expected to rise to higher levels with artificial intelligence integration. Voice analytics will assume more importance. This could help call center administrators discover agent’s performance issues and weed out negatives. Phrases could be flagged to earmark customer frustration points and then use this as inputs to improve services. Speech analytics will find increasing use to gauge mood of callers and sense their inclination.

Focus on agents

Agents in call centers are always under pressure to deliver quantity and quality but legacy contact center tools limit them, lead to frustration and affect performance. Call centers in 2019 are likely to look at improved, all encompassing, solutions that will help agents do more, be stress-free and enjoy what they are doing in order to be more productive. Only the best call center solutions that are fully integrated and user friendly will find increasing acceptance. Mobility is one such agent-friendly feature and a must have for 2019.

Better software means better performance and this translates to better customer experience.

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