The Amazing Flexibility of IP PBX Systems for Auto Dealerships admin August 25, 2017
The Amazing Flexibility of IP PBX Systems for Auto Dealerships

The Amazing Flexibility of IP PBX Systems for Auto Dealerships

What are the pain points for the auto dealers?

  1. Unable to reach the sales target
  2. Unable to figure out how to improve the customer satisfaction ratio
  3. Too much time is occupied with analyzing the customer data and to work upon them to take the sales processes further

Well, these are just a few. But, this needs a thought on whether it is possible with the traditional phone systems? No ways!

To achieve growth and success for any business, the communication is the most important factor. Thus, IP PBX system offers seamless communication and integration features with the help of which, the dealers can overcome their pain points and become successful in the years to come.

Flexible Benefits of IP PBX Systems for Auto Dealers

It’s a great opportunity for auto dealers to utilize IP PBX systems for their improved growth and success. Let’s have a look how IP PBX systems are beneficial to the auto dealers:

1.   Easy Call Transfer to Customer Representatives

IP PBX comes with Unified Communication System through which call transfer feature is easy for multiple locations using the same extension. Say, if a customer representative has left for the day and there’s a customer who wants to speak to him. Then, the call can be transferred to his cell phone or home phone so that the customer do not have to wait for long to speak to the right person. This automatically decreases the wait time for the customer and improves the customer satisfaction ratio.

2.   Automated Reminder Follow Ups

Sales does not happen in just one call. There has to be multiple follow up calls. Hence, for dealers, IP PBX business phone system comes with a feature of automated reminder calls that makes the calls to the customers whose service is due or need some other follow up calls before they have turned into customers.

3.   Easy Access and Management of Dealership Details

Dealers need to store the multiple details of their sales team, managers, existing customers, qualified leads, etc. Also, dealers would find it easy if those details are easily accessible and managed through some integrated software. The IP PBX system comes with integration to the software necessary for the dealers like CRMs, Outlook, etc. This will help the dealers to understand the progress of the sales and other activities.

4.   Improved Customer Service

Based on the customer data available with the dealers, the sales team can easily call them at their preferred timings and also, make regular follow up calls through the IP PBX system. Emailing is also possible from time to time. With all these customer-centric activities, customer feels delighted and increases the chances of closures.
Improving Customer Services With Embedded Communications

5.   Improved Productivity of the Dealers

When IP PBX system gives so many features like call transfers, automated reminder calls, integration with CRMs, Outlook, etc., the dealers can more focus on comforting the customer needs and on convincing to buy your vehicles. Hence, the productivity of the dealers as well as their sales team increases to a great extent as they are free of some unproductive work.

6.   Increased Sales

When the dealers have such facilities using an IP PBX, they can improve their communication with the customers and increases the chances to close more deals. Hence, it increases the sales.

7.   Reduced Cost on any Additional Team

Whenever there are new hires in your office, new telephone lines are required. But, with IP PBX, you can manage phone lines and extensions through the computer and you only handsets to get started. Here, dealers save a huge amount of cost of traditional telephone wiring and wall space.

8.   Improved ROI

There are no unproductive tasks at hand, which improves the productivity and the sales. Also, the cost attached to IP PBX compared to the traditional telephone lines is extremely less and thus, the dealers can actually see the improved returns on investments.

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Final Thoughts

So, there are these amazing features of the IP PBX system which the auto dealers can utilize in order to achieve growth in their industry and offer great customer service.

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