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Why Do Auto Dealers Must Choose the Right IP PBX System for Business Success?

Would you be surprised to know that phone calls are among the most common purchase paths as well as the most valuable conversion means in the automotive industry? As per LSA data, 61 percent of new and used vehicle buyers prefer to call an auto dealership and speak to a live agent after finding the contact number via an internet search.

As per BIA Kelsey, phone calls convert to ten to fifteen times more revenue compared to web leads. As per Forrester, the conversion rate of calls is 30 percent faster and the retention rate is 28 percent higher compared to web leads. Forrester data also found that 84 percent of marketers said that phone calls result not only in much higher conversion rates but also larger average order value (AOV) than other forms of engagement.

That’s why auto dealers’ phone systems play a huge role in their success or failure. Investing in a sophisticated car dealership phone system will not only boost conversions but also help in the effective handling and management of inbound calls. As auto dealerships are multi-location, the volumes of inbound calls can be huge.

As per data published by CallSource, a majority of auto dealers are not sure if they are managing the inbound calls effectively. Almost a third of them believe that they are losing five percent of the inbound calls to competitors. About 31 percent believe that they are losing 20 percent of calls and the same percentage of dealers believe that they are losing 30 percent of calls to competitors. Six percent of dealers believe that they are losing at least 50 percent of calls to the competition!

Not using advanced communication technologies is one of the most common causes of inefficiencies. Sophisticated communication technologies such as an IP PBX system offer seamless communication and integration features with the help of which auto dealers can overcome their pain points and grow their business. In this blog post, we will discuss how the right IP PBX phone system can benefit auto dealers and how you can find the best system for distributing phone ups in a car dealership.

What is an IP PBX system?

An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a software-based business phone system that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to connect and manage calls within an organization. It provides an array of features like call routing, voicemail, call recording, conferencing, and call queuing. Moreover, it is a highly scalable system, allowing businesses to easily add or remove users as needed.

Benefits of IP PBX systems for auto dealers

It’s a great opportunity for auto dealers to utilize IP PBX systems for their improved growth and success. Let’s have a look at how IP PBX systems are beneficial to auto dealers:

#1. Easy call transfer to customer representatives

IP PBX comes with a Unified Communication System through which the call transfer feature is easy for multiple locations using the same extension. Say, if a customer representative has left for the day and there’s a customer who wants to speak to him. Then, the call can be transferred to his cell phone or home phone so that the customer does not have to wait for long to speak to the right person. This automatically decreases the wait time for the customer and improves the customer satisfaction ratio.

#2. Automated reminder follow-ups

Sales do not happen in just one call. There have to be multiple follow-up calls. Hence, for dealers, the IP PBX business phone system comes with a feature of automated reminder calls that make the calls to the customers whose service is due or need some other follow-up calls before they have turned into customers.

#3. Easy access and management of dealership details

Dealers need to store the multiple details of their sales team, managers, existing customers, qualified leads, etc. Also, dealers would find it easy if those details are easily accessible and managed through some integrated software. The IP PBX system comes with integration to the software necessary for the dealers like CRMs, Outlook, etc. This will help the dealers to understand the progress of the sales and other activities.

#4. Improved customer service

Based on the customer data available with the dealers, the sales team can easily call them at their preferred timings and also, make regular follow-up calls through the IP PBX system. Emailing is also possible from time to time. With all these customer-centric activities, the customer feels delighted which increases the chances of closures.

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#5. Improved productivity of the dealers

An IP PBX system gives so many features like call transfers, automated reminder calls, integration with CRMs, Outlook, etc. Auto dealers can focus more on resolving customers’ queries and catering to their needs. Hence, the productivity of the dealers as well as their sales team increases to a great extent as they are free of some unproductive work.

#6. Increased sales

Better customer experience, seamless communication, and relevant call routing can play a huge role in an auto dealer’s sales. A newly published data found that about 54 percent of auto buyers would pay more and 72 percent would visit dealerships more often if they feel improvement in customer experience. When the dealers have such facilities using an IP PBX, they can improve their communication with the customers and increase the chances to close more deals.

#7. Reduced Cost on any additional Team

Whenever there are new hires in your office, new telephone lines are required. But, with IP PBX, you can manage phone lines and extensions through the computer and your only handsets to get started. Here, dealers save a huge amount of the cost of traditional telephone wiring and wall space.

#8. Improved ROI

By improving productivity and sales, the right IP PBX system can provide a high return on investment. Also, the cost attached to IP PBX compared to the traditional telephone lines is extremely less, and thus, the dealers can see improved returns on investments.

#9. Seamless management of multi-location auto dealerships

A multi-tenant IP PBX system can enable multi-location auto dealers to manage a large volume of inbound calls from various cities, time zones, and countries. Using a multi-tenant IP PBX system will also enable customer service agents to work from multiple locations and provide multi-language service. Using the reporting tools, the management team can monitor the calls and KPIs in real time and take corrective actions.

Effective ways to select the right IP PBX system for your auto dealership

As per LSA, more than three quarters of new and used vehicle buyers use search engines to find dealerships and seek answers to their queries. As an auto dealer, you should also leverage the power of the internet to find the right IP PBX phone system for your dealership.

When it comes to search terms, you can type anything from “auto dealers phone system,” “car dealership phone system,” and “integrated phone system for auto dealerships,” “to “best VoIP phone system for auto dealerships,” multi-location auto dealership phone system,” and “best IP PBX system for auto dealerships.” 

You can also use location-specific search terms such as “best multi-location car dealership phone system in (City or Country Name).

After getting the search results visit the top-ranking websites and check out their features, pricing, track record, and customer testimonials. Some companies will also mention if they are providing free demos or not.

After doing your research, shortlist some service providers and note down their contact numbers. Call each of them and ask them questions about their products and prices. If you are a multi-location dealership, you should ensure that the service provider provides a multi-tenant IP PBX system. 

After that, ask them for a free demo and introduce the IP PBX system to your customer service department. If everything goes well, make a purchase decision.

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Final Thoughts

So, there are these amazing features of the IP PBX system which auto dealers can utilize to achieve growth in their industry and offer great customer service.

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