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5 ways to leverage ecommerce contact center software to improve cx

5 Ways to leverage eCommerce Contact Center Software to improve CX

With greater internet accessibility and drastic change in customer behavior, the age of e-commerce began and continues to grow. According to Statista, the e-commerce sales figure is expected to reach 8.1 trillion USD by 2026. As the competition gets fierce over the years, e-commerce businesses are battling for customers’ attention. The e-commerce contact center has been realized as one of the most powerful tools in this battle. Why? because 73% of buyers admit customer service experience is the key influencer in their purchase decision.

If you already have an e-commerce business, it’s high time that you must leverage an e-commerce customer service call center to provide greater convenience and accessibility to your customers. Curious to know how you can do it? The blog explains the role of contact center software for e-commerce businesses and how its features can drive business success.

What does an e-commerce contact center do?

An e-commerce contact center assists potential buyers or existing customers in the following aspects:

  • Purchasing procedure
  • Product/service-related query
  • Payment-related query or issue
  • Post-sales issues
  • Complaints, etc.

A business may also use it for the following:

  • Feedback collection
  • Post-sales follow-up
  • Market research
  • Promotion, etc.

A contact center is a touchpoint for customers, and every business needs to deliver a positive customer service experience. Today, e-commerce businesses are leveraging omnichannel contact center software to optimize their customer support operations and build loyalty by serving customers better.

How to leverage e-commerce contact center software features?

e-Commerce contact center software implements workflow automation to streamline business operations. Its advanced capabilities help e-commerce businesses step up their customer service levels. Let’s delve into the discussion of how it contributes to building a stellar customer experience.

  1. Quicker resolution through call routing

Multiple call transfers can annoy customers with high intent, detracting them from purchasing your product. An E-commerce contact center software eliminates the hassles of multiple call transfers by setting up a call routing strategy. There are multiple ways of customizing the call routing settings such as skill-based routing, ring group routing, etc. Businesses can choose the most suitable routing strategy for themselves to optimize call handling. Call routing enables customers to be directed to the most suitable agent ensuring faster and more satisfactory resolution to their issue or query. 

  1. Cut down queue through call queue management

If customers are made to wait long when contacting a business, they feel frustrated and even hang up before connecting to a live agent. Call queues have always been a significant challenge for contact centers. The wisest way to deal with this problem is by implementing contact center software with a call queue management feature. This feature cuts down long call queues through automatic call distribution and routing. It also introduces an auto attendant feature for preventing missed calls. Call queue management empowers e-commerce businesses to lower call abandonment rates while reducing the average holding time for customers.

  1. Boost agent productivity with CRM integration

CRM software is a valuable resource for every e-commerce business. It provides insights on customer demographics, profession, previous customer conversation history, purchase history, etc. Integrating CRM into your e-commerce contact center software equips agents with all the customer data. Agents can view customer information before picking up the call on their dashboard. It helps them to understand customer profiles and pick up the conversation accordingly. CRM integration can be further leveraged through call analytics to build a specific customer avatar, providing insights on personality, likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. When agents clearly know whom they are talking to, they can strike the right tone in the conversation.

  1. Ensure consistent service through an omnichannel strategy

An estimated 66% of customers actively use three or more channels to reach out to a business. It can be email, different social media platforms, live chat, etc. Modern customers expect to be served equally across all channels. An omnichannel contact center software can help businesses to meet this expectation. It integrates all the conversations across different channels to deliver exceptional customer support. It also helps identify flaws, loopholes, and areas of improvement through social listening and analytics.

  1. Leverage data analytics to improve customer experience

Data analytics analyzes essential metrics such as average speed of answering, first resolution rate, customer satisfaction rating, etc., to generate reports. These reports offer actionable insights to improve the performance of your call center as well as the customer experience. It helps in assessing agent performance based on KPIs and identifying training needs. Speech analytics and sentiment analytics help businesses understand the pain points and emotions of customers. Call analytics also helps in predicting customer behavior trends. In a nutshell, businesses that leverage data to make informed decisions can deliver a stellar customer service experience.

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Some more features that make contact center software a game changer

  • Click-to-call 
  • Call forwarding
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Predictive dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Preview dialer
  • Power dialer
  • Contact management
  • White list
  • Blacklist
  • Internal ticketing system
  • Call bridging
  • Call parking
  • Campaign management
  • Agent dashboard
  • Customer survey, etc.

Every service provider offers a unique set of features. When selecting the features, always chalk down your business needs. 

7 best practices of e-commerce customer service call center

The buyer landscape has drastically evolved in the last two years. Modern customers expect good products, excellent help desk service, post-sales follow-up, feedback collection, and a lot of engagement with the brands they trust. Achieving all of these at once can be a great challenge for businesses. e-Commerce businesses can deliver impeccable customer service to boost their customer retention rate. Here are some call center best practices that can help you level up your customer service game:

  • Engage on social media through interactive content as well as customer support.
  • Leverage user-generated content and reviews to generate more referrals.
  • Personalize customer service experiences to make your customers feel valued.
  • Track and optimize business operations through analytics to drive efficiency.
  • Implement self-service capabilities through conversational AI chatbots and multi-level IVR. 
  • Create a unified platform for all your business tools to make management easier.
  • Offer call-back options during busy hours so that you do not miss any calls.

Stand out with stellar e-commerce customer service 

E-commerce contact center software has become a must-have for businesses having a distributed workforce. It provides flexibility and mobility for employees as well as scalability for businesses. Moreover, adopting omnichannel contact center software further enhances the accessibility for customers and ensures immediate, consistent responses. Call center analytics also contribute to evaluating and understanding emerging customer needs. Therefore, every feature of contact center software works in the direction of optimizing and maximizing business performance.  HoduCC is a contact center software that offers many advanced features for eCommerce businesses to serve their customers effortlessly. To learn more about HoduCC and other HoduSoft products, check out its website.

If you have any queries or would like to know more about the HoduSoft product suite, get in touch with our sales team at [email protected] or fill up the form here for a callback.

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