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A Predictive dialer is an ideal tool for the businesses with huge call volume. The predictive dialer has a functionality to anticipate when to place next call i.e. Based on number of agents and the stipulated average talk time it adjusts its calling pattern. For e.g. If the agent’s availability is on the higher side and also the call is short, predictive dialer dials the number more frequently. Similarly, if agents are not available or the average talk time is more, it adjusts accordingly and ensures to keep the customer on less or no hold. Predictive dialer ensures that each agent gets the steady stream of calls with little to no downtime and the whole process of dialing leads is automated with predefined algorithm. It increases the contact rate drastically which optimize the conversation rate of an agent by 60-80%.

Organizations strive to perform outrageous in the market, thus every business call matters and these outbound calling procedure should be more effective and efficient, it reminds us the Predictive dialer which helps us in boosting the sales, increase productivity, optimize the connectivity rate, last but not the least reaches to wide range of customers in limited time.

Why Predictive Dialer?

Higher Agent retention

Streamlines the call flow by automating the entire process, ensures to keep the agents busy with the call by rigorously dialing to the prospects through pre-defined algorithm.

Time Saver

It saves lot of time as it anticipates when to place next call based on the average talk time and the number of available agents.

Optimizes outbound call process

Predictive dialer drastically increases the agent’s communication time rather than being on phone to get connected with next call which helps in optimizing over all outbound process.

High Contact rate

As the agent is not going to wait for the next call to get connected due to prediction, thus results in higher contact rate in limited period.

Incremental profits and productivity

With advanced capabilities, predictive dialer helps the businesses to be more productive and ultimately gives fruitful results.