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Top Tips To Handle Caller Rush In The Holiday Season With HoduCC

The holiday season has started and also the business season for a few industry segments. For an instance, this is the peak season for eCommerce industry. There can be many as such industries which are juggling to handle the rush of customers and potential customers. As per the trends, most of such companies either have an in-house call center setup or tie up with the call center services provider to handle the pre-sales, sales and post-sales support. Here, the job of a call center or customer support center is very crucial to ensure the best customer experience. If you’re having a customer support center or a call center and you are worried how will you deal with the massive caller crowd, then we would invite you to have a look at the amazing features of HoduCC, Call Center Software for handling holidays and holiday caller crowd.


HoduCC, Call Center Software is furnished with an amazing IVR system. You can empower the callers to help themselves by interacting with an easy to use Interactive Voice Response system. This system will answer the most frequently asked questions of your customers such as which are the holiday buy hours with heavy discount or what is the deal of the day. Using this you may leverage multiple benefits such as improved customer satisfaction as now they don’t need to stay in the call queue for getting answers to simple questions. Also, they won’t need to juggle different webpages of your website, they can get answers with this engaging and easy feature of the HoduCC, Contact Center Software. This will also decrease the workload from your agents to utilize their productively. The IVR feature can get configured for advanced operations as well, such as allow them to place an order and pay.

Call Transfer

HoduCC, Call Center Software supports different types of call routing. The skill based call routing is most widely used according to which the call gets transferred to the agent with matching skills to handle call at its best. However, it can be possible the caller come up with some weird or different questions which is not in knowledge of the agent. Here, the agent can use the call transfer feature so he can transfer call to the person which can answer customer query appropriately. Here, the call can be transferred to a queue of another agent, supervisor, or to an IVR. In case, the concern person is on leave, the call can be transferred to the external number as well.

Week off mode or Holiday Mode

Generally call centers work on different shifts and even on weekends and holidays. However, if you are having an in-house customer care center, you might have week off or off on holidays. But, does it mean you won’t get any call from customers? No. Customers might call on holidays as well and you have to ensure you handle their calls professionally. Here comes the amazing feature of HoduCC, Call Center Software for shift based call routing. You can configure HoduCC, Call Center Software for routing the call during week off and holidays. The call can be routed to an IVR, external number of an executive or to a voicemail without much adieu. This will ensure holiday handling in a perfect manner.

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