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Why BPO Companies Must Adopt Multichannel Customer Support Center

In today’s digital world, customers expect businesses to be accessible and accommodating at all times. BPOs are investing in multichannel customer support software so that they can offer their customers a choice of communication channels as well as an omnichannel experience. An omnichannel call center software is the latest advancement in Unified Communication that helps BPO companies deliver seamless customer service.

An omnichannel customer support software serves as an important tool in call centers for assisting customers in as many ways as possible so that they can interact with the business in whichever way they prefer. If you have been thinking about adopting multichannel customer support software, this blog covers the minutest of details essential to make an informed decision.

Importance of multichannel customer support center software

There has been a seismic shift in modern customer expectations and they are looking out for different ways to interact with companies online. Implementing multichannel customer support software enables businesses to meet these emerging expectations. Before diving into the fundamentals of such software, let’s check out the reasons for its growing popularity in almost every industry.

  • Assures greater accessibility

Today’s customers demand 24*7 accessibility and greater availability of information from businesses. Adopting a multichannel approach helps businesses keep up with this expectation by introducing chatbots and IVR systems to serve customers during after-office hours.

  • Offers choice to customers

Multichannel customer service software opens up multiple channels for customers such as social media messaging, email, live chat, etc. Therefore, customers can enjoy the convenience to reach out to the business through their favorite communication channel. It gives them the upper hand to choose a preferred channel, thereby improving their customer service experience.

  • Enhances functionality

Call center features such as call routing, CRM integration, call queue management, auto attendant, etc. optimizes the call center operations in BPO companies. Utilizing the wide range of features, businesses can take their customer support service to the next level.

  • Channelizes workload

BPO call center agents work under tremendous pressure for long hours. Adopting a multichannel communication approach encourages the distribution of workload through different channels. Therefore, such customer support software acts as a helping hand for agents.

  • Drives business efficiency

Multichannel call center software amplifies business efficiency by providing actionable insights on operations, customer preference, market trends, etc. through analytics and reporting. It also aids agents in streamlining communication through multiple channels.

Perks of adapting an omnichannel customer service software

Adopting omnichannel customer service software can be a game changer for businesses owing to its numerous advantages. Here are the top benefits of an omnichannel customer service system that every business must leverage:

  • Augments customer retention

According to a survey, the companies that offer omnichannel support have a 91% retention rate, compared to just 33% for companies that don’t offer omnichannel support.Using omnichannel call center software improves customer retention by facilitating effective communication. When customers receive prompt and appropriate answers to their concerns, they are more likely to become loyal to a company. 

  • Builds customer relationships

Long-lasting customer relationships are essential for sustainability, growth, and success for any business. BPO companies are responsible for building and nurturing customer bonding by serving them with the support and assistance they require. Multichannel customer support software helps in boosting the communication experience through its advanced features.

  • Enhances employee satisfaction

According to the Workplace Communications Impact Survey, 7/10  workers said they would like to work for a small to midsize company because of better communication and collaboration. Evidently, communication serves as the key driver for employee productivity. BPO companies are no exception. Implementing multichannel call center software aids agents in their day-to-day operations making their lives easier and providing employee satisfaction. 

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

When BPOs cater to the needs of customers through multiple channels, they are more likely to be satisfied with the overall experience.  Multichannel customer support software enables BPOs to deliver customers superior service by ensuring consistent interactions across all channels. 

How does omnichannel call center software deliver a positive customer experience?

Opening up multiple channels for customer service without an omnichannel strategy can have adverse effects on a business. Therefore, it’s essential for BPO companies to invest in omnichannel call center software to provide customer service across different channels. Here are some of the ways an omnichannel call center software elevates the customer service experience:

  • Accelerates the pace of resolution

Utilizing CRM integration, BPO agents receive relevant information about customers easily. It provides them with the resources to lead the conversation and provide a positive customer support experience. Moreover, an omnichannel communication approach enables agents to gain visibility of communication through all the channels. As a result, they can promptly reply to queries coming through every channel. With advanced features of the software, customer resolution is taken care of more quickly and efficiently.

  • Ensures consistent services across all channels

Service level consistency is one of the greatest challenges in customer service. Leveraging omnichannel call center software, customers can experience the same level of customer support across all channels. In fact, customers can perceive it as a single string of communication even after switching multiple channels. 

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  • Helps in providing personalized service

The most exciting aspect of omnichannel customer support software is that it helps BPOs and businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers. All the custom data such as frequently used words, repeat purchases, conversation history, etc. are used for customer profiling. By analyzing these data and customer profiles, businesses can offer personalized recommendations, suggestions, and advice. 

  • Boosts customer engagement

Omnichannel communication allows customers to interact with businesses through any chosen communication channel. This includes, but is not limited to, social media, phone, email, and chat. By catering to customer needs in this way, businesses can ensure that their customers are served promptly and feel appreciated. Therefore, the customer engagement rate increases benefiting businesses through referrals and enhanced social media visibility.

  • Prevents repetitions

When a customer approaches a business through multiple channels, they may be required to repeat their question or concern for each and every channel. This may lead to customer frustration. If an omnichannel call center software is implemented, it integrates the communication of all channels and stores it in a form of a common knowledge base. It stores all the conversations with the customers in an integrated manner irrespective of the channel used. Therefore, when the agent attends to the customer through any channel, the overview of the previous conversation can be accessed. Consequently, customers don’t need to repeat themselves even if they switch channels in the middle of a conversation.

5 value-add characteristics of omnichannel call center software 

Omnichannel call center software is the most powerful tool for streamlining and optimizing the operations of a multichannel customer support center. BPOs must use the following feature as an edge to provide premium service for their clients.

  • Unified platform 

This type of software integrates all the channels into a single interface. Therefore, it eliminates the hassle for agents of managing multiple channels through different platforms. It also helps in centralizing the management of multiple communication channels.

  • Workflow automation

Call center software automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks like data entry, manual dialing, call routing, etc. It helps in streamlining workflow and frees up resources to focus solely on customer service.

  • CRM integration

Customer service and CRM software must be integrated to deliver a personalized customer support experience. It equips agents with the correct information at the right time, resulting in quicker resolution and greater customer satisfaction.

  • IVR system

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system helps in identifying problems and routing the calls accordingly to pace up resolution. It creates a virtual waiting room and engages the customer while waiting. Multi-level IVR systems have become a must-have self-service capability for every business.

  • Analytics & reporting

Call centers are the best research resource for businesses. Implementing advanced call analytics with the right KPIs enable businesses to gain essential insights into various business aspects. It not only supports making data-driven marketing decisions but also helps in predicting customer behavior trends. Analytics and reporting features can be further used to improve agent performance by identifying training needs.

Maximize your business potential with multichannel customer support software

Customers are becoming more demanding and it’s necessary for BPO companies to get the right kind of support to handle their clients’ needs. To provide the best service, they must adapt and adopt the multichannel customer support center. There are many reasons why customers prefer different channels, including ease of access and their schedule, ease of finding information, and how well a business responds to questions or complaints. 

To ensure success and retain clients, BPO companies must offer a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. For such a business scenario, opting for omnichannel call center software is the wisest decision a BPO can make. 

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