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WebRTC Based Call Center Software – Changing Technologies for Changing Times

Times change. It shows in how call centers operate. A call center brings up visions of rows and rows of agents sitting in front of screens with a headset on there and a dialer in front of them. These days agents are not confined to one office. They may be located anywhere. They may attend to calls while on the move. They may be using their mobiles to handle the call center operations like receiving and making calls. A traditional contact center software simply cannot allow this sort of flexibility of operations.

Enter WebRTC and everything that call center agents do becomes so much easier, faster and better adapting to any kind of situation: in the office or mobile working. It is no surprise that call centers are jumping ship onto the WebRTC bandwagon. WebRTC powered call center software has everything that agents need to perform their duties efficiently whether they are remote based or on the go. Hodusoft CC solution has the bells and whistles like predictive dialer, autodialer, and skill-based routing as well as call record, barge-in, and real-time analytics. Even better, it has WebRTC. Omnichannel contact center software is the norm rather than an exception given that callers may start a conversation on one channel and carry it forward on any other channel. WebRTC makes omnichannel communications a breeze.

A lot of customization is possible in WebRTC based on how capable the developers are in implementing APIs but what call centers that look for affordable yet state of art call center software need is something that works right out of the box, is preferably a hosted one and one that scales up and down with no major hassles. Hodusoft’s WebRTC CC solution has all this and more.

Callers these days like to know and see who they are talking with. That they can use webRTC on their browser on a smartphone and video chat with an agent is a warm experience. That WebRTC allows video within video, presentations and sharing of documents makes it better for fast resolution of an issue. It saves time for the caller and for the agent as well besides being so gratifying for both.

With WebRTC worries about international dialing rates and costs simply go out of the window. Bandwidth and speed of connection are not great impediments because codecs are cleverly implemented and video streaming controlled to adjust to available bandwidth. Audio remains crystal clear. Video is free of jitters. Of course with 5G around the corner this could be irrelevant but still, it is good. Call centers save in various ways. A bunch of dedicated hardware, SIP dialers and routers are consigned to the storeroom. If you are starting a new call center then good, you need not to buy into all this or a dedicated solution that bleeds you dry. A desktop with a headset and webcam is enough or a mobile smartphone will do just fine.

Call centers agents love it. Callers love it. Operators love it. WebRTC call center software is the realization of a bucket list of wishes that the call center Santa granted them. Hodusoft’s WebRTC omnichannel CC solution gets to work right away and you do not even pay anything upfront for the hosted solution.

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