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Now IP PBX Software That Even Small Enterprises Can Use to Improve Business Communications

Communication is the key to business success and it is just as important for smaller companies as it is for larger ones. IP PBX is often perceived as a communication tool meant only for larger enterprises. That traditional IP PBX system represents significant investment has been deterrence for widespread adoption by smaller companies and even SOHO businesses. This need not be the case since one can opt for it on a subscription basis and use existing mobiles and desktop/laptop as the communication tool with underlying IP PBX framework.

Why should a small business owner switch to IP PBX software when his existing phone appears to be sufficient? The straight answer is that for a small monthly outlay your communications jumps straight to the corporate level. There is more to IP PBX beyond voice calls between two persons. IP PBX opens up a whole new world of communications. You can:

  • Use various channels of communication through a unified communications interface. It becomes easy to switch between voicemail, fax, chat and email with the right software such as the PBX software from Hodusoft.

  • A conference call, audio or video, becomes easy since the PBX solution integrates WebRTC. Now three or more people in different locations can engage in a conversation and also share screen shots and documents.

  • Talk with anyone anywhere in the world using standard phone, desktop or mobile and pay only standard rates. You can think of expanding your business worldwide. Carry your office with you!

  • Improve customer experience by calling up records from the connected database.

  • Convey an impression of being a larger, corporate professional organization. Using IP PBX for chats or conference is much better than OTTs like whatsapp and skype in this sense.

  • Configure auto attendant to handle calls or program system to call specific numbers.

Hosted PBX software is just perfect for smaller enterprises since it is inherently secure and frees you from the worry of hardware-software maintenance. Your provider takes care of maintenance and upgrades.

Improved communications can reflect in higher business growth rate. Everyone who matters is connected, within the organization and outside. In addition, you, the owner, have full control and can view reports. If you, as a small business owner, are still sitting on the fence, it is time to take a decisive step in the right direction.

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