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Voice Broadcasting Software

Voice Broadcasting Software for Businesses A Powerful, Cost Effective and Easy to Use Revenue Tool

Reaching out to target customers is easy with so many tools like cold calling, email, text, and fax. Some get you immediate responses. Some are expensive. Some require support personnel for campaigns and add to the cost, such as in cold calling. A better alternative is voice broadcasting software that works like SMS and, therefore, is bundled with the text broadcasting features in the package. It is a must-have tool given the benefit you get from using voice broadcasting solutions for business. It is up to you to make innovative use of this affordable customer outreach tool.


It is easy to compile lists of customers using your CRM and program the voice broadcasting software to send out timed messages to select targets. Long before a product is going to put in an appearance you can release teasers. One of the best things you will like about VBS is that you need not transcribe your thoughts to typed text. Simply speak out as if you would to someone sitting in front of you and send it out. Then there are times when you may have text content. It is easy to use the text to speech feature. Either way, sending teasers is a snap and builds anticipation.

Targets hate cold calls

And understandably so. Avoid the negative effect cold calls can create simply by sending out voice broadcasts, including a number that the target customers can call if interested. Until called up, the voice message sits quietly in the computer or mobile of the recipient. If you are a startup or run a small business just imagine the ways you can put voice broadcasting to good use. Simply record your message at night or when you are free using your mobile phone, set up a schedule and then go about your business while the voice broadcasting software does the rest. Simply subscribe to this hosted broadcast solution and you do not have to worry about IT resources and upfront payment for the software. Simply pay for the broadcasting as a service solution for what you use and how much you use.

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Discount offers, seasonal sales, service specials

Think about something innovative and forget about all the hassles other traditional outreach methods. Simply record a message, compile a list of recipients and schedule sent. If there is nothing going on at the moment you can always send a message like “Hi… this is just a let’s keep in touch message..” to show customers you have not forgotten them.

Get opinions

It is vital to know what existing customers think about you and your products or services. Keep conducting surveys through voice or text broadcasts to let customers speak out.

Employee engagement

Pep your employees with voice broadcasts, using selected messages for select employees. A little bit of pep energizes them to do much better.

Hodusoft’s voice broadcasting software lets you do more at a lower cost and get better results in business. A full-fledged solution, it can send email backup and track performance, and track recipients. Simply subscribe and you have a tool that will help you do so much more for your business.

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