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Omnichannel Contact Center Software For Business is a Must-Have Interactive Communication Tool

Omnichannel Contact Center Software For Business is a Must-Have Interactive Communication Tool


The good old days are over when businesses could dictate terms to buyers and it is customers who are courted left, right and center. The reasons are simple. Firstly, customers today are more enlightened and they have more choices. They are unpredictable and they need it NOW. Moreover, they use various channels to communicate and they have a low tolerance. Trying to keep in touch with customers who use WhatsApp today, Twitter tomorrow, Facebook the next, and then switch back to email will be like trying to keep jumping across tracks unless you have a unified omnichannel communication system where you can serve and yet be in control. The solution to delivering a delightful customer experience is omnichannel contact center software with a measure of intelligence.


Multi-channel Contact Center Software

A multi-channel contact center allows agents to interact with customers across different communication channels. They can easily connect with customers via channels like voice, chat, text messages, email, web, social media, etc. This way, the omnichannel approach of the contact center management software helps to augment customer experiences. 

The multi-tenant contact center management software supports omnichannel platforms. These platforms can integrate customer information from different channels into a centralized system. Using this information, the agents can deliver the best customer experience at any time, via any channel, from any device. Moreover, the merging of voice with internet-enabled technologies has enhanced customer self-service options. For instance, the IVR contact center software provides customers with a series of automated menus. Through these menus, customers can use the self-serve option and get a faster resolution of their query. 


Contact Center Software with Multi-Tenancy Options

A multi-tenant contact center software is an ideal solution for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), Telecoms, and VoIP providers. These businesses can use the software to host a contact center as a service from their end. They host the software on their server to offer it as a service to the end customers or tenants. With the help of multi-tenant contact center software, the service providers can host multiple tenants on a single server. They can easily manage their tenants by offering them unique login credentials, roles and privileges, and data security. 


Enterprise Contact Center Software Benefits

To survive in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is vital to provide great customer service. Many companies find it challenging to respond to every client’s query and handle a huge call volume. However, with the help of contact center automation, it has become much easier to deliver the best experiences to customers. 

Automation allows customers to use self-service options which helps them to save a lot of their time. At the same time, they can get a quick solution to their queries. As per Forrester data, about 55% of US online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their question. Moreover, 77% say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer service.

#1. Fluid interaction

Contact center software and that too today’s modern contact center omnichannel software confluences all diverse communication channels into a single dashboard. See where the customer is and jump right in. If he switches from Twitter to WhatsApp, mimic his actions.

Should be then wanting an email, press a button to send an email without leaving the dashboard and breaking contact. Then, as things hit up you can simply dial his number and talk, and when you talk you may want an even better interaction which is the right time to switch over to the included WebRTC video chat and conference feature of the omnichannel contact center solution. You may have to skip a few ropes but you stay stuck like glue to your customer and never lose sight.

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#2. Go proactive

The Americans developed the term “anticipatory retaliation” which can be inspirational for marketing in that you can develop proactive marketing instead of waiting for leads to trickle in. Omnichannel intelligent contact solution not only keeps track of all channels but listens, looks for, and identifies conversations that could be interpreted as a signal that could start a buying process. Even as the thought is inchoate in a buyer’s mind and buyers are “feeling” things out you can jump right in, take them by their arm and guide them into your doorway.

#3. Data

The most important thing about omnichannel software is that it gathers data that can become the underpinning of your omnichannel sales strategy. You could have data on the channels used by customers, the origin point, journey points, and the final landing point where you convert. Moreover, you have data on their preferences and then initiate cross-selling or up-selling strategies. Using the data, you can easily determine their behaviors, likes, and choices to anticipate trends. You can compile data on demographics and more.

Finally, you can use the data contextually to determine levels of satisfaction to improve service delivery to no end. So, whether it is first-time purchases, returns, refunds or repeat buys, efficient data handling earns you brownie points. No doubt, data powers businesses with efficient strategies. And, the omnichannel solution not only facilitates communication it also helps you compile data to power business decisions.

#4. Be available

The omnichannel facility makes you available to customers when they want and through the channel of their choice, on desktops or mobiles. There are no disjoint or disconnect or frustrating time delays even if a call goes into an IVR. Trap leads and follow them up promptly or attend to customer complaints. Everything becomes easy because you have a bird’s eye view of all channels and hold them in your hand in the shape of your mobile phone.


HoduSoft’s omnichannel contact center software perfectly aligns with the business ecosystem and, being intelligent, it gets smarter and helps you do more as it ages. The software can help you manage calls better and reduce the demanding work. In the long run, the perk of contact center software is that it can help in better management of calls. Most importantly, it assists in offering a great customer experience in a professional manner.

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