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Voice Broadcasting Software

Role of Voice Broadcasting Software in Schools

Are you stuck with these questions? What is voice broadcasting? Why has it gained so much importance? Voice broadcasting is the platform to reach a large number of people in the shortest time. It can be used for promotion, updates, building closure, and sending information quickly. Voice Broadcasting Software helps you to reach out to your target audience in multiple languages and is very effective. It simply contacts your customer with saving time with an automated solution. Quality does matter and plays a heavy role as your information must reach everyone, and no one should miss the information. We have entered the world of automation, and voice broadcasting software serves as a base. The role of voice broadcasting software has proven to be very important in the field of education. It has helped us to solve many problems like reminders, notifications for regular PTM (parents-teacher meet), and the lists go on. Voice communication increases your engagement with students, and parents, anytime, and can be done as quickly as possible.

Types of the school that have gained benefit from this service

Schools have a busy schedule with day-to-day activities, so it becomes difficult for them to stay in touch with everyone. This is where voice broadcasting plays its role. By using it, each school type preschool to university can customize the message as per their need. For elementary schools, it becomes easier to update parents regularly, rather than sending manual notes. They just need to send a single reminder about the upcoming assignment, activities, or trip. Pre Primary schools can effectively use this service to inform parents about the upcoming events, in which their child needs to participate. It can also be used to alert parents when the class has been canceled due to any issues.
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The schools can also run a broadcasting campaign, which will help them to send the prerecorded message to the mass audience with a single click. They can also broadcast it via call at the other end, and if the parent does not pick up the call, they can send a message. You can define maximum retries as well.

Features of voice broadcasting software for schools:

  • Easy to install – It is easy to install. Find a Voice broadcasting software that operates on the server and set up your account.
  • Grouping of contacts – You can save up your contacts. You can also do the Grouping of contacts by Voice broadcasting software.
  • Endless storage capacity – Voice broadcasting software has endless storage capacity. You can save as per your choice.
  • Anyone can use it once setup – You can delegate the responsibility to other staff or divide it by grade as per your convenience.


Voice broadcasting software is a tool that will remove barriers to communication. The main benefit of having it is its flexibility. You are not bound to send an SMS; you can send a voice call and have a follow-up email. anybody can choose the communication which works best for your school and parents. It is used to drive your business and help the parents to give maximum to their child. If you are also searching for voice broadcasting software and SMS broadcasting software, then you can contact us at HoduSoft. We have come up with HoduBS, an advanced voice broadcasting software. We offer customized voice broadcasting software as per the requirements of your school and assist in installing it at your school.
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