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Omnichannel Contact Center Software for E-commerce Industries

Omnichannel Contact Center Software for E-commerce Industries

Ecommerce does need to have a contact center solution in place not only to serve existing and potential customers but to also carry out campaigns. Given that people these days use their mobiles and desktops and a variety of communication tools, it follows that a simple voice channel is not sufficient. Omnichannel is the solution.

When it comes to omnichannel contact center software it is likely that ecommerce enterprises may think of getting a customized solution that will serve their needs or opt for proprietary systems from leading brands. In both cases cost is high and so is maintenance. Customization may not yield the desired outcome and it may be time consuming as well. Ecommerce industries would do well to look at fully packed and ready to go call center software with a host of virtually all features they are ever likely to need. It is best to select an omnichannel CC solution based on an open source platform like Freeswitch and look for features such as predictive and auto dialer, intelligent call routing, proactive outbound calls, voice blast, skill based mapping and automatic call distribution on the technical side. From the management perspective the omnichannel CC software should naturally include real time analytics and reports. From the employee perspective your omnichannel software for communication should have a dashboard that gives employees a pipeline into backend CRM, access to any channel through which a person initiates a call and the ability to switch between channels. The key differentiator to a modern contact center solution is whether it incorporates WebRTC or not.

WebRTC in Omnichannel for E-Commerce Industry

WebRTC in omnichannel call center software can be a game changer for ecommerce enterprises in being able to give a very personalized experience and higher levels of satisfaction. A caller does like to see a face, not talk with a disembodied voice. Being able to see the agent does engender confidence as well as trust. WebRTC also makes it easy to share on the screen documents such as invoices. A caller with an issue can show the package he has received and the defect in the product helping the agent to take a decision on the spot. WebRTC is open source too and blends easily with Freeswitch platform.

Look for open source platform based call center solutions and you get the best in terms of price and performance, especially when the CC is developed specifically keeping in mind needs of ecommerce segment.

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