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HODUSOFT’S CLIENTELE BECOMES LARGER WITH TurkNET – 4th Largest Telecom operator in Turkey

When it comes to meet the robust business communication requirements, the global enterprises or MNCs put trust in us. At HoduSoft, we have set many milestones while serving our esteemed global clientele with premium-quality, readymade VoIP communication software. Recently, the company has provided ready-to-use IP PBX Software HoduPBX to 4th Largest Telecom operator “TurkNet” in Turkey.

TurkNet is a telecommunications company that offers internet access and telephone services to businesses and consumers in Turkey. As of the end of September 2015, TurkNet was the fourth largest internet service provider in Turkey with 2.1% share of the internet service provider market, and 3.7% of the fixed-line telephone services market. In 2007, TurkNet received a $12,5 million investment from Novator, a private equity fund controlled by Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson and in May 2013, TurkNet received a loan worth EUR 9.5 million from the EBRD for a capital expansion program. Subsequent growth brought the company a retail base of 180,000 retail customers and 25,000 business customers. The company is handling very large concurrent calls every day, and to meet this requirement efficiently, HoduSoft has provided a scalable and flexible IP PBX Software HoduPBX.

HoduSoft offers HoduPBX, the finest in custom designed FreeSWITCH based IP PBX software for global business. Extreme customization for each client is our forte. Unsurpassed feature sets, extraordinary ease of use and value for money characterize HoduPBX, one of the finest PBX software solutions for global business communications.

HoduSoft, a readymade VoIP software provider, is looking forward to serving other enterprise clients like TurkNet with its best-in-class communication software.

Connect with HoduSoft to avail all the advantages of readymade IP PBX Software. Many global enterprises have leveraged the benefits of HoduPBX, now it’s your turn!

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