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How Facebook integration with Contact Center software enhance productivity

How Facebook integration with Contact Center software enhance productivity

Ease of communication is the demand of business. Contact center software helps companies in getting connected with their team and customers. Day by day, more and more businesses are implementing the Omnichannel contact center software in their companies. Therefore, several advancements are taking place in call center software. Customers are getting more inclined towards self-help tools, email, instant messaging, and web-based assistance. It is the reason behind the constant drop in call volume in most contact centers across the world. The millennials do not prefer telephony and voice communications because they do not like to wait in a queue to get the resolution of their queries. Contact center software integrated with Facebook can assist businesses in preventing their customers from getting waited in long lines.

How can businesses use Facebook in call center software to provide excellent customer service?

Most people use the Facebook app on their mobile phones. So this is the most significant advantage for businesses to implement Facebook in call center software integrated with Facebook. In this case, companies can use the universal server of Facebook if the quality of the data shared is not too essential or secret; the risk of missing critical data and hacking would be minimal. Other companies, including Facebook, have improved their security arrangements. So, communication data could be safer. In early 2016, Facebook had told that B2B and B2C brands could use their 900 million customer base. There are many multi-billionaire dollar companies spending millions of dollars on chatbots, which are processor programs that can affect communication and interaction with human users. Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app, unlike the call center software. So, the efficiency would be dependent on the programmed chatbots that can respond instantly. One of the most significant powers of Facebook Messenger is the level of personalization that it provides. So, service providers can help their clients practice Messenger in a way that satisfies them.

Facebook as a default channel for a chat in Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Many Facebook users use Facebook messenger, and more and more customers are showing an inclination towards Facebook-driven contact modes. The integration of Facebook in Contact Center Software has the credibility to reduce overall handling time. That is why many corporations are operating with Facebook to combine it into mainstream commercial service delivery mechanisms and resolution technology. Messenger does not disturb the attention of the customers, unlike the telephone, which disrupts them. So this is the reason customers can feel comfortable while using this contact mode. It is a secure contact method for the customers because they do not need to surf many websites to quest to install the relevant app to communicate.

Benefits of integrating Facebook with contact center software

Integrating your contact center software with Facebook can assure that the contacts you generate through your Facebook lead ad campaigns are followed up within a suitable method and make a tremendous rate of conversion.

Benefits of using a Facebook integrated contact center software

There are a plethora of benefits of using call center software integrated with Facebook. A few of the advantages include:-
  • Businesses now need to manually download their leads from Facebook and save them in spreadsheets. They can locate and control your new customers through contact center software automatically and in real-time.
  • By using a confirmation email sent through call center software, businesses can easily find whether the customer is interested or not in their business or service. It also assists in assuring that the people seeking action on your lead ad are engaged in hearing more from you, which can increase your conversion rate.
  • By integrating contact center software with Facebook, you can save time. You can proceed to use it across various campaigns.


Facebook Messenger is the future of webchats, and there is a possibility that it can replace Emails and SMS for customer revolution. Omnichannel Contact Center Software, integrated with Facebook, is becoming a price choice for businesses. If you are interested in implementing contact center software integrated with Facebook at your workplace, you can contact us at Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited.
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