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HoduCC Call Center - Transforming Your Customer Experience

HoduSoft announces Flat 50 Percent Discount on HoduCC- Let Festivity begin

HoduCC, the premium quality and feature-rich call center software, can satisfy the client’s business requirements with ease. Our software can match your business size and model.

Here we have a good news for you: As we approach the festive season, HoduSoft has added festivity by offering flat 50% discount on HoduCC.

A few of the primary features of HoduCC- call center software to benefit your business are listed below:

  1. Round-the-clock availability: HoduCC call center software can ensure the round-the-clock availability of an automated system to solve your customer queries. Through acquiring the local and toll-free numbers for national and international calling, you can expand your businesses globally.
  2. Scalability: Even if you increase the number of departments and services or the products you offer, with HoduCC you can efficiently manage a heavy call flow. Also, through acquiring local and toll-free numbers, you can expand your business globally.
  3. Auto dialer: With autodialer feature, you can link your outbound calling campaign. This improves better resource utilization and improves productivity. Based on the leads, it enables automated calling and proceeds the conversation only after confirmation that IVR is answering or there is a human user on the other end.
  4. Predictive dialer: This feature tracks the availability of the caller on the basis of the prediction of average call duration. On the basis of the predictive analysis, the call is routed to the agent with less or minimum call on hold duration. This reduces customer frustration and improves customer rating and feedback about your services.
  5. Skill-based call routing: With skill-based call routing, your client’s call will be automatically routed to the most efficient and skilled customer care executive on the basis their conversational skills and knowledge as per database. In a way, you will not lose your valuable clients and customers.
  6. Streamline call flow: With advanced automated call distribution (ACD), you will not manually handling your calls, rather help in even call distribution based on certain strategies. This feature let you concentrate on performance only.

With HoduCC call center software, you are getting flat 50% off on your first product licensing. With a licensed version, you can improve your call center-related services while enhancing customer experience.

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