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Join Our Partner Program for Growth

Be a Winner with Our Partner Program

In the age of globalization, when every company faces a tremendous competition from both domestic and international rivals, there has never been a better time to join a partner program. A successful partnership offers many business benefits apart from providing exposure to the global market and a strong support for generating more revenue.

We can classify the partner program in various categories as per the objectives and mechanism. Here are a few of the noteworthy types of partnership:

Technology Partners

They form an integral part of the software world. Technology-based partnerships enable you to broaden reach while providing a complete technology solution to your customers. In a way, it adds value to your business.

Service Partners

As a service partner, you support the professional services department of the partner company ranging from implementation to installation. When your business is focused on technology, you can consider becoming a service partner.

VAR (Value-Added Reseller)

This partnership model is appropriate for any product or service providing industry. It enables you to grow the business without spending much on overheads or hiring a large sales force for reselling products.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Partners

This is the most complex model and involves rebranding or embedding the product into another product. It has more billing requirements as compared to the other partnership model.

As per your business size, model and nature, you can select any one partnership model that can boost earnings and impact on your balance sheet positively.

How about joining hands with a leading VoIP software provider?

HoduSoft is the world’s leading software solution provider for VoIP-based business communication. We have a great opportunity for our business partners while experiencing greater profitability and higher reliability. We provide complete training and 24/7 assistance to our partners so that they can excel in reselling and enhance their branding. Our enterprise-grade, feature-rich VoIP software can generate fairly high revenue within a short time of establishing a partnership.

If we carefully study all the partnership models, the value-added reseller model is easy-to-implement and any enterprise can leverage its benefits irrespective of size. It is fairly easy to enhance brand, increase the sales figures, and grow the customer base with this model.

At Hodusoft, we understand this fact and therefore, we have designed a partnership model in such a way that it can generate good revenue without involving many requirements and much risk.

What’s more, we have a partners’ network across the globe, and you can certainly find at least one partner in your country. It’s time to grow with a renowned VoIP software solution provider, HoduSoft.

Let’s have a glimpse of a few noteworthy benefits of our partner program:

  1. No upfront investment
  2. No-cost training
  3. No difficult targets
  4. No technical hurdles
  5. No hidden charge of fees

If this sounds interesting, we are here to talk with you! Contact us to know more about our business affiliate model.

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