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Rich Call Center Experience

Five Mind-boggling Ideas for offering Rich Call Center Experience

Customer support center has a critical role to play in any B2C business under the sun. If a caller aka your customer has to wait longer and has to talk with different executives one after another, chances are bright that you may lose your customer. Therefore, it’s time to change our conventional concept of the support center. We are in dire need of transforming the contact center experience into more pleasant and friendlier for the customer.

Here are five startling ideas that can help companies provide better contact center experience:

1. All channels are NOT equal: Phone-based support was the only channel in the past, but nowadays, various new channels have been introduced like email, chat, SMS, and chatbots. All these channels have different degree of importance on the basis of functionality. However, voice still enjoys dominance over these channels. A success of a contact center depends on the right mix of these channels that can meet the customer’s requirements.

2. Real-time information is MUST: In the contact center, the agents must have a real-time information about your customers because customers expect a personalized experience from the contact center. If an agent keeps on asking for trivial information, the customer can feel annoyed and chances are hight that he or she may never return. The real-time information assists the contact center agents to resolve the queries in a faster way that ultimately leads to pleasant customer experience.

3. Innovation is the key: Today, companies need a contact center not just to manage calls but also for providing workforce management, enhancing productivity, and improving business intelligence. Therefore, a contact center should be equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. Such a contact center can meet the consumer’s expectations efficiently.

4. No roadblocks: As per an official survey, the contact center agents spend only 33% time in selling, the rest of their time is spent on removing roadblocks between the callers and relevant information. Integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other technological advancements can help the agents to get rid of such roadblocks.

5. Powerful reporting: For every contact center, reporting is highly important. After carefully analyzing the customer’s queries and other related information, the agents should be able to respond them in a professional and yet friendly manner without taking much of the customer’s time.

Today, thanks to advancements in VoIP technology and business communication domain, the contact centers can get feature-rich contact center software to meet all the customer-related requirements of their enterprise clients.
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