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contact center software trends for better customer service

Contact Center Software Trends 2024 For Better Customer Service

The best today is not going to be good enough tomorrow. So, in the case of contact center software, you have good things to look forward to in 2020. It is nothing dramatic but something evolutionary. Still, these contact center software trends point to making life easier for contact centers and helping them to serve customers better and faster.


Omnichannel is nothing new but for 2020 there is a progression towards including more social media channels with Whatsapp inclusion being notable. That is not surprising given that the majority of smartphone users are on Whatsapp and prefer it over other channels. It would be a nice thing to see omnichannel contact center software automatically updating communications across all channels into a single dashboard so that agents (or customers) do not have to individually check email, fax, SMS, social media to get a complete picture.

The face-to-face experience

Social media integration is fine in contact center solutions but for agents and customers to view each other during a talk is much better. WebRTC is what makes face-to-face video chat and conference possible. We can expect it to gain even more ground as call centers based around WebRTC become more popular. With WebRTC and cloud-hosted contact center solutions, you can simply use your smartphones and you need not even have a regular office to start with.

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Artificial Intelligence climbs higher

AI was there in 2018 and it is here in 2019. It gains more ground in 2010, especially in helping with big data analysis. Natural language processing leads to ease of use for customers who access chatbots or IVRs. Since machine learning is part of AI in contact center solutions, the system actually learns and improves, recognizing and adapting to patterns as well as behaviors. One can expect more consistency and enhanced throughputs. It plays a key role in agent and customer side operations as well as in analytics.


Analytics becomes more sophisticated in 2020 call center solutions as AI and CRM data help you derive predictive analysis of your business, the way clients interact so you can make changes and patterns according to seasons. AI-powered speech analytics and text analytics empower call centers to create custom responses or draft suitable messages. Analytics drills down even deeper into the monitoring aspect to help managers and supervisors derive information in real-time. They can guide agents during ongoing calls for better resolution.


With AI to power IVRs that are now more streamlined and customer-friendly, one can expect callers to prefer self-resolution rather than wait in a queue to talk with agents. IVRs, standing in the front line, can attend to most customers. This reduces the burden on agents who can then utilize time for more productive tasks.

Hodusoft’s call center software incorporates most of the trending features for 2020 and it keeps evolving to keep in step with service expectations.

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