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Contact Center Software for Transportation

Contact Center Software for Transportation Industry

Customer satisfaction and great customer experience is the essence of success for any organization. When a business has a large volume of calls, sometimes it is difficult to manage the superior customer experience for all customers on call. Thus, HoduSoft has designed and developed a robust solution to this problem. We have created a contact center software called HoduCC that allows you to manage large call volume with optimal customer service efficiently and effectively.

At HoduSoft, we envisioned to offer premium quality VoIP communication software. Recently, we served the ready-to-use HoduCC- omnichannel Contact Center Software to GUO Transportation Ltd.

HoduSoft takes pride to announce that the one the top transportation service provider from Nigeria is using HoduSoft’s contact center software to offer improved customer experience to their travelers. GUO Transportation Company Ltd. is a division of G. U. Okeke & Sons Ltd. from Nigeria which was established in 1980.

GUO Transport Company Ltd. is a leading transportation provider with intercity and intracity transportation over 200 destinations in Nigeria and West Africa. The company offers modern, yet eco-friendly transportation services with a safe, enjoyable, and affording travel experience to all passengers.

HoduSoft offers a FreeSwitch based call center and contact center software that caters the global business need. It is a flexible, robust, and affordable solution for all types of call centers or contact centers and it also guarantees the best user experience. Moreover, the software is designed to increase the productivity and efficiencies of the agents. As one of the top VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution providers across the globe, HoduSoft ensures that this call center system provides intelligence, security and advanced features for flawless business operations.

Key Features of HoduCC includes Automatic Call Distribution, Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Real-time Analytics Reports, and many more. Connect with us to get the extraordinary benefits of Hoducc- Omnichannel contact center software and empower your business growth.  Many global enterprises have taken advantage of HoduCC, so what about your company?

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