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Social Media Software for Customer Service

How Social Media Channels In Contact Center Software Help to Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction occupies center stage. Call centers need to adapt to changing trends to delight customers. Social media has emerged as one of the largest and the most powerful channels of communication as well as interaction. If a call center does not have social media software for customer service in its contact center software, it should do so promptly if an enhanced customer experience is its priority.

Social media integration in contact center software can help drive better experience. Consider it from different perspectives.


The world is social. According to statistics there are 300 million Twitter users of whom 49% do raise an issue on this channel and expect companies to follow it up. 83% tweeters welcomed responses to their grouses or queries. 32% of the 800 million Facebook users follow a brand here and 50% users who follow a brand are likely to buy it. Over 67% of businesses are active on social media. Just about anyone uses social media these days and finds it more convenient to initiate a discussion through the social platform rather than pick up a phone and dial a helpline. Social is just too big and useful as well as powerful to ignore.

Customer perspective

Some years back there was no alternative to a phone if a customer wished to initiate a service request or to inquire. Social Media Software for Customer Service has considerably widened the scope. A Facebook user may see a post about a product. He likes the product and posts about knowing more. If he is a user and has a grouse, he may express it on Facebook. He can do so on Twitter. Some may use email to raise an issue and subsequently tweet about it. They may send a fax and leave a voice mail message. Customers expect fast action. Omnichannel contact center software with social integration gives agents immediate information about a customer’s posts or inquiries or complaints on any channel. Customers can get fast responses and that makes them happy, possibly leading them to leave a positive comment or tweet.

Call center perspective

It is no easy task to just handle inbound phone calls. Add email, fax, voicemail and then the various social channels and you have a situation where agents flounder to try and find as well as concatenate information from such disjointed channels. It can frustrate agents. Worse, it can leave customers feeling angry and disappointed. Now switch to omnichannel contact center software that includes social media and agents smile. All channels confluence in a single dashboard. He has access to all information and can call a customer and get down to resolving the issue instead of asking what it is all about. Interaction improves. Customers are happy. He can do so much more with less effort. He has a sense of achievement. He works even better. Call center image and profits rise.

Call centers may upgrade to omnichannel contact center software with social integration, preferably a hosted solution supplied by an expert vendor. It makes all the difference to their operations, their bottom line and above all, customer delight.

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