CLAMED: AS OUR PRIVILEGED CLIENT admin September 16, 2019

HoduSoft, a leading VoIP software provider has gained fame for serving the global clientele with its high-quality, feature-rich, ready-to-use VoIP software for addressing business communication requirements. The company has added a new feather in the crown by providing ready-made HoduPBX- IP PBX Software to CLAMED, One of the Largest chains of pharmacies and drugstores in Brazil.

HoduSoft has provided HoduPBX – IP PBX Software to CLAMED for meeting the company’s robust IP PBX requirements. CLAMED Pharmacies is a centenary company. In all its brands, since the creation of Drogaria Catarinense, in 1919, the same essence is shown: the total dedication to the health, beauty and well-being of people. More than 500 branches in the country. More than 6,000 employees, serving thousands of customers daily.
HoduSoft offers HoduPBX IP PBX Software, the finest in custom designed FreeSWITCH based IP PBX software for global business. Extreme customization for each client is our forte. Unsurpassed feature sets, extraordinary ease of use and value for money characterize HoduPBX, one of the finest PBX software solutions for global business communications.

Hodusoft is proud to add CLAMED in the list of its globally renowned clientele. The company is looking forward to serving enterprise clients with its best-in-class VoIP-based communication software solutions.

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