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HoduCC Call Center - Transforming Your Customer Experience

Why HoduCC Is The Best Call Center Software In The Market?

For any business “Customer Experience” is the most important ingredient because a happy customer will give you more business from himself, referral business, positive ratings and reviews as well as a testimonial. In fact, there are so many things a business can gain from a happy customer. However, to win the heart of the customer, you have to make sure that you have put all required tools to improve the customer experience. You have to create an ecosystem in your business to ensure best in class customer support.

This needs a well trained team of professionals along with an advanced customer care solution, which is furnished with all required features to empower this customer support team. This can be achieved by implementing a call center software as part of your customer care solution.

Earlier it was an expensive and troublesome affair, but not now. Now, you don’t need those heavy hardware and messy wiring to set up the call center. You can run a customer care department in your firm without much hassles. All you need to do is get a call center software. That’s it! These solutions are very easy to operate, which will empower you with a great customer care tool.

If you will look into the market to get a call center software, There are many options available. Those may sound similar to each other due to the feature list it offers, which will often be similar, plus or minus a few features. However, you have to be very careful while making a choice. The reason is, even if the feature list sounds same the functionality and performance can be different. You have to invest in the best solution so you can ensure the best returns over your investment. The HoduCC is one of the best call center software in the market. If you are wondering, why, then, this article will share top 7 features it has which makes it a perfect customer care solution.

One Solution for All types and Sized Customer Support Centers

The HoduCC is developed by keeping the requirement of different types and scaled call centers, customer support centers and customer care centers in mind. This solution can support 10 to 1000s of agents working to offer best customer support.

Also, it can be worked for inbound call centers, outbound call centers and blended call centers with the same efficacy. It is developed on top of Freeswitch, which makes it capable of handling thousands of concurrent calls without compromising the quality of voice, data and customer experience. This is a one stop solution for any customer support or customer care center.

Different User Panel for Agents, Supervisors and Admin

In any customer care center or customer support center, there are 3 different category people work:

  1. Admin
  2. Supervisor
  3. Agent

Each of them has different roles and each of them needs different features to perform their job at best possible. Our developers understand this important fact and thus, we have developed the call center software, HoduCC with 3 different types of views to meet the need of these 3 different roles.

It means there are 3 different types of user panels available with different types of features to empower the job of a particular call center executive. To give you a clear example, a supervisor panel will have whisper/ Barge-in/ coach feature to supervise an agent and mentor him when needed. However, these features are not available in the Agent view panel.

Auto Call Distribution (ACD)

HoduCC, call center software is developed with advanced logics and features. ACD is one of the features which makes it a powerful solution. The Auto Call Distribution feature of this solution will automatically assign a call to the best fit agent. This solution has the capability of checking the skills of the agent as well as available agents, based on this applied logic, the solution decides the perfect fit agent who can take a call and finish it with the least possible wrap up time.

Auto Dialer

We all know that dialing calls manually can be a cumbersome job. It wouldn’t allow you to take advantage of the strength of your star performer agents. The Auto Dialer feature of HoduCC will dial calls automatically from the predefined list of phone numbers. This will save a lot of time of an agent as well as work as a major factor in increasing the productivity of the agents.

Predictive Dialer

Along with the Auto Dialer, the HoduCC is also furnished with one more advanced dialer feature, called Predictive dialer. This is one of the best features which you will find in a very few call center software and we are proud to say that HoduCC is one of those. This dialer, when in use, will ensure that you gets the maximum possible productivity from your agents. This dialer is fed with the logic to check  how many agents are on call and make a guess, within what time they will be able to take the next call.

Also, this dialer makes a logical assumption that if we dial n-number of calls, then how many will be actually get answered by the humans instead of getting dropped or answered by voicemail or answering machines. By using these logical assumptions, the Predictive dialer will keep on dialing the numbers and assigning the call to the available and best fit agent. This feature has benefited many businesses to get the best output from their team and increase the ROI.

Live Call View

Again, one of the rare features, you will find in the call center software. You will get the live view of ongoing calls, including, outbound and inbound. This feature will empower you to check the performance of your support center in real time. You don’t need to wait to generate reports at the end of the day or week or month. Everything is available right now on your plate to view and analyze.

Simple To Advanced Reporting

For any customer care and call center reports are one of the most important features and trends. We have added a whole range of reports to make your analysis and decision making easier. The data will be available in the form of reports just in front of you with a few simple clicks. Get a free demo here.

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