Top 3 Call Centers Trends To Look Forward in 2017 admin January 6, 2017
Top 3 Call Centers Trends To Look Forward in 2017

Top 3 Call Centers Trends To Look Forward in 2017

Call Centers are performing at their best for a past few years. A shift of business towards improvising customer satisfaction has played a major role in the growth of call centers and customer support centers. Regardless of the size of a call center, there are a few basic things each call center thrives to improve on, which are:

  • Performance of agents
  • Customer experience and
  • Revenue

In a majority of cases, a call center software do the needful to achieve these core performance criteria of a call center or a customer support center. However, to achieve these 3 main needs of the call centers, it is necessary to know the top trends in the industry and how to utilize those trends in favor of your own call center. As per the various surveys and research, there are the top 3 trends small to large scaled call centers will be looking forward to in 2017. These 3 key trends of the the call center industry are listed below:

  • Performance Management
  • Quality Management
  • Workforce Optimization

Below are the statistics which are collected from small to large scaled call centers to indicate the importance and the need of each above mentioned trend to achieve the core goals of the call centers:

  • Performance Management 75%
  • Quality Management 54%
  • Workforce Management 24%

The details of that survey shared that small call centers are more interested to adopt the technologies and tools like contact center solutions to improvise in the area of performance management and quality management. The basic reason behind this is the direct major impact in result of overall performance of the call center. One important point here is also the cost and efforts required in integrating the Workforce Management into an action.

If we talk about Performance Management to understand it in detail, then it includes managerial aspects to be taken care of. One of them is making a detailed plan of call center working and clear roles and responsibility for each agent and supervisor of the call center. This can be achieved with HoduCC, Call Center Software by assigning skills to agents. Another aspect of Performance Management  includes developing skills of the agents. This can be done by offering them enough tools for training and self evaluation. The contact center solutions used to have features such as call recording which can work as an effective tool for self evaluation. There are many other features a call center software like HoduCC offers to provide better mentoring and training to agents.

The next important trend to be looking forward and get implemented in customer support centers and call centers is Quality Management. This includes many things to look for, such as how the agent is responding to the caller? What is the first call resolution ratio? etc. Here also call center software such as HoduCC can be very beneficial. For example, HoduCC, Call Center Software  has a feature called barge-in, in which a supervisor can listen to the conversation between an agent and the caller without acknowledgment of any of them. This is very helpful in monitoring the performance of the agent and guide him/her about his/her weak points to improve the quality of call handling.

Have a look on this infographic for future trends:

There are many as such features HoduCC, Call Center Software has which can help any call center or customer support center to work in direction to use the top trends of 2017 in their favor.

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