Advantages of Using Call Centre Software in E-commerce Industries admin March 8, 2019
Advantages of Using Call Centre Software in E-commerce Industries

Ecommerce sites are notorious when it comes to customer support. They are not particularly famous for maintaining open lines of communication. Product information may be meager. A prospective buyer can only ask a question related to the product by filling in a form and then wait for a response from the seller. A rudimentary FAQ may be in existence and prospective buyers or existing buyers are supposed to make do with whatever information they can glean. It is a take it or leave it approach and it is not surprising that ecommerce sites have higher rates of customer churn. Even existing buyers most follow a defined process to initiate replacement or refunds. Not a happy situation by any means. Ecommerce sites can do much better if they simply opt for better communication software that assures customer delight. Something as simple as contact center software can create better engagement opportunities.

What does contact center software have?
Typical call center software incorporates predictive dialing and auto dialing from a list of numbers that can be called from a phone book or backend CRM. Ecommerce sites may or may not leverage this feature. If they do, they can conduct cold calls or just send SMS with offers to existing customers and upsell or cross sell. Of more interest is skill based mapping tied to IVR in the contact center software. It gets even more interesting when WebRTC video and audio chat as well as conference facility is included I the call center software. Then there is call recording and analytics as part of the package. Today’s contact center solutions usually have Unified Communications layered on. How do all these impinge e-commerce operators? The contact center solution is usually assumed to be a tool specifically for contact centers but then, a tool can be used in different ways.

Predictive dialers and auto dialing
Ecommerce sites boast about selling 5000 or more products in a day and may not be bothered much about volumes. However, by using the predictive and auto dialing features they can improve on cross selling and upselling opportunities. As it is they already have a strong database of customers in their CRM that, incidentally, can be tied to the CC software. A target feels much better when he receives a call instead of SMS, promoting a product or informing him about offers. Chances of sales increase.

Unified Communication
Most people on ecommerce sites would prefer to phone and chat instead of typing out queries in forms and some may find it a real bother because they do not know how to type. Some may prefer email because then they have a record. Unified communication facility lets a caller use any channel and receive fast response. Tied to backend CRM, it lets agents in the ecommerce center call up records or enter records and deliver a better experience with fast resolution. The call distribution and skill mapping feature of the CC solution ensures that the caller is connected to the right person.

WebRTC connect
Most ecommerce operators follow the marketplace model which means they run the show but sellers are third parties. In case of complex queries the inclusion of WebRTC into the communication link means a caller connects to the ecommerce operator who then switches in the actual third party seller into the conference for a three way talk either on audio or video. Video improves the caller experience even more. Speed of resolution is high. Customer is satisfied about his queries on the spot. There is no wait time.

IVR self service
A layered CC solution may place an IVR as the point of entry for a caller. Routine queries may be satisfied by this self service facility. Tied to a backend CRM and AI, the IVR recognizes caller by name if he exists in the database and this makes for a pleasant welcome. He can progress further to self serve his query. In case he needs to talk to a live human, his call is transferred.

Customer service agents can do more and spend less effort and time
Customer service agents in the ecommerce industry have access to a unified dashboard that gives them a view of the various channels through which a caller has communicated. In addition he can link to records in the database, call up past history of transactions and initiate a video or audio chat or three way conference with a superior officer or with the actual seller on the marketplace. When his work becomes easy his quality of service improves.

Contact center software is a refined tool for communication. Communications are vital for business and ecommerce relieves on customer satisfaction for return sales and loyalty. The CC software is a tool that ecommerce industries can leverage to create a powerful brand image of impeccable service.

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