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5 Unique Ways Automatic Call Distribution Helps Call Centers

Automation is seen nearly in most of the industries and this is what all call centers are taking advantage of. Most of their time was spent in controlling the flow of the calls manually among the various call center agents available.

But, to their rescue, is the automation is that as well. Yes, we are talking about Automated Call Distribution (ACD).

Automated Call Distribution or ACD is a process to distribute incoming calls across various call center agents. When a customer dials a customer care number, with the use of ACD, they don’t need to wait in a queue to get answered.

Automatic call distributor is highly beneficial in strengthening the customer experience. Let’s quickly understand what the other benefits ACD offers to the call center agents:

  • Reduces Call Burdens – No call center agent will be overloaded with the incoming calls as ACD distributes them into equal number of calls across all the agents.
  • Improves Productivity – Now, the call burdens are reduced, allowing the call center executives to focus on resolving more customer queries which results in improving their productivity.
  • Enhances Efficiency – ACD ensures the flow of the incoming calls are matched based on their history making it more efficient.

Well, Automatic Call Distributor has really great benefits that call centers are already utilizing it to their benefit.

But, how many of you know that ACD can be more beneficial than usual?

Let’s check out the unique and enhanced ways, ACD helps the call centers:

1.  Fewest Calls Received

HoduCC comes with additional queue strategies in which ACD forwards the incoming calls to the agents who have answered the fewest number of calls.

2.  Lowest Talk Time

We need to identify the call center agents who have the lowest talk time compared to most of the other agents. Then, through ACD, agents can forward the calls to agents having least talk time.

3.  Longest Idle

ACD makes it easy to route to those call center agents who have been idle for the longest time and HoduCC has the advanced ACD with this kind of facility as well.

4.  Rings All

Apart from all the above, ACD comes with a feature in which, when a customer make a call, it rings to all the call center agents simultaneously. The call is routed to the agent that attends to that call immediately.

5.  Round Robin

Let’s say you have 5 call center agents. Whenever a customer dials the customer care number, the call is routed to the call center agent that answers the call. Now, there’s another call in the queue and it will be routed to the next agent. If that agent is unable to answer the call, it will wait for some time and then will be routed to another agent. If again the call is remained unanswered, it will move to the next one and this happens until the call is answered. This is round robin feature of HoduCC ACD.

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HoduCC has amazing features in its Advanced Automatic Call Distributor. Request a Free Demo here.

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