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Voice Broadcast Software Help Reach Out a Larger Audience Speedily at Lower Costs

The traditional method of reaching out to people over telephone lines is to dial each number in a manual process that involves the use of a person. This is both time-consuming and expensive. One can reach only a limited number of persons in this process and when it is a time-bound matter where a single message needs to be delivered to hundreds or thousands of people, it is an impractical method as well. Thanks to modern telecom technologies one can broadcast voice messages automatically and simultaneously to thousands of targets be they prospective customers, employees, subscribers or members of the public.

Voice broadcast is the way to go!

Voice broadcast software is the solution for voice broadcasting services, call centers, enterprises, and even government organizations. It obsoletes traditional methods of calling where large numbers are involved. Here is all that you can do with voice broadcast systems installed in your enterprise:

  • Send a single message simultaneously to thousands of recipients. You can pick and choose from excel sheets and even customize messages to some extent.

  • There is no need to employ call agents to call thousands of people. The software incorporates text-to-speech conversion or one may use a pre-recorded message.

  • A measure of interactivity can be introduced, such as “Press 1 to talk with a CSR”.

  • It is easy to set up a “do not call” list just as it is easy to customize the message in case the dialer reaches an automated answering machine.

  • One can schedule voice broadcasts to target specific recipients in specific regions at specific times of the day and thus elicit better responses.

  • When the voice broadcasting software is sourced from an advanced vendor like hodusoft.com, it can be customized to include live transfers, voicemail detection, translation, real-time reporting, and IVR.


Sophisticated and advanced voice broadcast systems can be used to send reminders and confirmations to customers, seek reorders, solicit funds, send alerts or carry out phone surveys. It can be a versatile tool to generate leads at a fraction of the cost that one would incur while using live call agents. For instance, a call center may employ agents for cold calling. This process can be short-circuited with voice broadcast to shortlist the most likely prospects, saving time, labor, and money in the process.

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A small business, for instance, may not find it feasible to employ people for cold calling or to contact existing customers. Installation of voice broadcast systems from freeswitchservice.com helps them raise the level of communications to corporate levels. Corporate users can automate the process at a far lower cost and assure greater customer satisfaction while attracting more customers or promoting other services. There is a lot that can be done with imaginatively creative use of this versatile tool that any service provider or enterprise must have.

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