Top 5 Reasons: Why Call Disposition Is Must Have Feature for Any Call Center Software?

In general scenario, call centers and customer support centers deal with numerous callers on day to day basis. Also, there are many people, managed under a hierarchy of Managers, Supervisors, and Agents, serving these callers . It is also a known fact that each caller might get attended by different agents and sometimes by supervisors. To support this complex work architecture and customer serving need, call center software is a vital part for any call center or customer support center. This fact is accepted by all. One of the features required by the call centers or customer care centers in a call center software is call disposition. However, it has been noticed that this feature might get in the 2nd priority list while management is making a choice to select a contact center software. In fact, sometimes this feature is waived off by the management to save cost. This article describes why call disposition is a must have feature.

 Keep vital information of customers up to date

The call disposition generally has details such as type of call, agenda of the call, taken action, future action, etc. By keeping the code of conduct to fill up this information after a call would hardly take a few minutes, but it will keep the records of communication with the caller up to date, which can be used for a variety of productive reasons.

 Handle calls in a personalized way

The call disposition will help you to record all vital information about the last call to the caller. This will keep all relevant information for each caller/customer in-line so whenever next time the same person calls, your agents, supervisors and other staff members has the handy information about the customer and his/ her last call. So they can serve them in a personalized manner. This will help in serving customers in a better way to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction.

 Take followup on time

The call disposition will also record the details for the next action item. So if the next action item is to reach the caller again on a given date and time, then your staff will be able to do that in time. Even the system can be programmed to generate an outbound call on that specific time and date

 Create more strategic outbound calling campaigns

As the call disposition will allow you to record information in detail, you can use these details to segment your customer according to their preference, interest, buying habits, etc. With this segmented list you can design more strategic outbound campaigns and run them more specifically to gain better returns and output.

 Keep review process easy for managers

Whether we consider the top management of a call center or a supervisor leading a team of call center agents, both need the handy information for quick supervision . The call disposition will provide all necessary details to make review of different things easily and quickly.

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