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The Difference between a Call Center and Contact Center


Are you looking for the best framework to cultivate a loyal customer base and attract a cadre of new customers? If yes, then you need to figure out how to meet those people along their customer journey. Besides, it is equally important to successfully address any concerns or worries that they have. Make sure to make any interaction that those people have with you memorable and positive and ease any concerns. To do that, you may need to develop or enhance your call or contact center.

In this piece of content, you will get to know the difference between a call center and a contact center in the form of graphics. 


What’s the Difference Between a Call Center and a Contact Center?


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What’s the Difference Between a Call Centre and a Contact Centre?

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A call center is, of course, a place where consumers can call you to get questions answered. Conversely, it is a place where you can call customers to help answer questions they might have sent your way. In all, it majorly focuses on handling customer service over the phone. Call centers are usually cost-effective and easy to operate. Users generally require a good script, a telephone, and call center software. These days, most VoIP call center software solutions come as single-tenant call center software and multi-tenant call center software. Software that supports a single tenant or a single account that can use all call center software features is called single-tenant call center software. In contrast, software that supports multiple tenants or accounts is called multi-tenant call center software.

On the other hand, a contact center includes a wide variety of digital service channels. It is a place where customers can reach customer service agents via their preferred channel. Similarly, the agents can also connect with the customers on their preferred mode of communication channel. These channels include inbound and outbound calls, text messages, chat, SMS, email, social media, video conferencing, etc. To provide a seamless and positive customer experience, contact centers must have omnichannel contact center software. Also known as multi-channel contact center software, contact center omnichannel software helps to increase customer satisfaction, drive customer engagement, and reduce user churn.

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The size of any call/contact center differs, of course, based on your custom size and the need. But there are important considerations as to whether you should develop a call center or a contact center. The above graphic can be helpful for you to make the right choice. 

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