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Omnichannel Contact Center Software Transforms E-commerce Industry

Competition is fierce in online ecommerce spaces. Customer experience is vital for loyalty and sales. A simple helpline is no longer sufficient given the fact that a customer may choose any channel of communication such as chat, SMS, social media or email. Quick response through any of these channels leads to a happy and satisfied customer who will stay loyal. How does one engage with existing and prospective customers through multiple channels? The answer is omni channel contact, a unified method of communication without barriers.

What ecommerce needs today is a unified method of communication that is integrated into their operations and that includes CRM. Omnichannel contact center software  is the answer. With this in place customers no longer have to go through only one channel. They can choose their channel of communication and receive fast, responsive support that can be so gratifying. Ecommerce companies can nurture customers and increase accessibility leading to loyalty and growth in customer base with an omnichannel call center solution in place. Just as it helps them resolve inbound calls, the omnichannel contact center solution allows outbound communication with power dialer, predictive dialer, text messaging, email, mobile and IVR with seamless switching between channels. Customers will be delighted that they can carry forward a contact they initiate through their mobile devices to find answers and this could lead to a sale for the ecommerce company. If they happen to come across an ecommerce company through social channels, they can take it up from there without having to find the ecommerce website and its support number. It makes a world of difference and leaves a favorable impression in their minds.

The other side of the coin also benefits ecommerce operators in that they have a well integrated platform of communication that includes CRM. For call agents, life becomes simplified since they can carry out all tasks from a single interface instead of switching channels. Their efficiency and interest in work increases as does their quality of service to customers again translating to a better brand image. Management gains access to analytics of customer behavior across various channels and this can lead to better strategies and programs to capture more customers as well as retain existing ones.

More is always better for ecommerce companies and when they have an omnichannel solution for customer support in place, it is easy to handle more callers or to make more calls with ease and with less manpower leading to cost reductions and higher revenue generation. AI powered omnichannel solutions are even better with a high degree of automation and machine learning to handle primary queries with seamless transfer to live agents when matters become more complex. This removes bottlenecks and speeds up resolutions too. And, if it is a hosted solution, it is the proverbial icing on the cake.

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