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optimizing cx with omnichannel contact center in your e-commerce business

Optimizing CX with Omnichannel Contact Center in Your E-commerce Business

If you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur, this question is for you. Do you think you provide adequate customer experience (CX) to your customers? Think again. A Twilio study revealed 85 percent of brands thought they offered personalized CX. But just 60 percent of customers agreed.

The same study found that less than a quarter of brands that took part in the research had the requisite technology to consistently engage with their customers. As per another study by CallMiner, US businesses lose $35.3 billion in customer churn every year caused by preventable CX issues.

The global e-commerce space is one of the fastest-growing industries in the present era. But it’s also becoming extremely competitive. Customers buying from e-commerce websites not only want fast and efficient service but also a seamless, consistent experience across all channels.

E-tailers that solely focus on providing high-quality products and offering lower prices than their competitors can’t win in the long run. But companies providing good quality products and obsessively focusing on CX can gain customer loyalty despite charging a premium.

A study conducted by Emplifi found that six out of every ten customers said that they’ll pay a premium of at least five percent if they know they’ll get a good customer experience. Conversely, eight out of every ten customers will leave a brand if they have just one bad experience.

Since the e-commerce boom, today’s customers have more options than ever before. They can get the same product for nearly the same price on most e-commerce sites. But the key differentiator is the CX. E-commerce companies that focus on CX not only provide a personalized experience to their customers but also win their trust and loyalty.

That’s why e-commerce players must leverage sophisticated omnichannel contact center software to handle a high volume of customer inquiries and requests, provide efficient customer service and quick response across multiple channels, as well as exceed customer expectations.

How using omnichannel contact center software can help e-commerce businesses in enhancing CX:

An omnichannel contact center is a unified platform that handles all customer communication across multiple channels, including phone, email, text, chat, and social media. By leveraging sophisticated omnichannel contact centers, e-commerce companies can provide excellent CX in the following ways:

  1. Improved personalization

By using omnichannel contact center software, e-commerce companies can empower their customers to interact through any channel they prefer. Apart from that, online retailers can leverage customer data to create targeted and personalized CX. By going through past interactions, customer preferences, and purchase history, customer support representatives can offer personalized recommendations and solutions and create more meaningful conversations. Customers won’t hesitate to share general data if they feel that it can help brands improve personalization. In 2019, Harris Poll and RedPoint Global surveyed more than 3,000 customers across the United States and found that almost two-thirds of customers said that they’ll share personal data if it enhances CX.

  1. Enhanced efficiency

Omnichannel contact center software provides a unified platform for agents to access customer information, communicate with customers, handle inquiries effectively, and gain insights into customer behavior. It enables agents to handle customer communication through various channels, such as phone, chat, email, and social media. This provides customers with a consistent and seamless experience. To enhance efficiency, many e-commerce players are considering integrating CX into sales and marketing. As per Gartner’s prediction, nearly a quarter of companies that participated in the study said that they would integrate CX, marketing, and sales into a single function by 2023.

  1. Advanced data analytics

Omnichannel contact center software enhances data analytics and customer experience by providing a unified platform for customer interaction and data integration. The software gives a single view of customer data, which enables e-commerce companies to track and analyze customer data as well as use it to improve customer experience and create more effective campaigns.

  1. Improved customer satisfaction

E-commerce companies that leverage omnichannel contact center software succeed in providing consistent CX across channels. Doing so, ensure that customers always get the help they need and the information they require. This helps in forging long-lasting relationships with customers and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. As per a Gartner study, CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty. That represents more than price and brand combined.

  1. Cost savings

Omnichannel contact center software can help e-commerce companies to reduce operational costs in several ways. When multiple communication systems are consolidated into one platform, it streamlines operations, reduces additional hours of operations, and enables agents to work more efficiently.

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How to choose omnichannel software for your e-commerce business?

You may find a wide range of omnichannel software in the market, but you need to be extremely particular about the service provider you choose. Here are some ways to choose omnichannel software for your e-commerce business:

  1. Determine the necessary features you want in your omnichannel contact center software

This is the first and the most important step. Determine what features you want in your omnichannel contact center software. Do you want the software to route the calls based on your agents’ specific skill sets? Or do you want the software to distribute calls among available customer service representatives so that they address specific customer queries? Sophisticated omnichannel contact center software is replete with a wide range of useful features such as automatic call distribution (ACD), autodialer, predictive dialer, skill-based routing, WebRTC phone, multi-level IVR, real-time analytics and reports, and more.

  1. Look for reliable omnichannel software providers

In the first stage, look for some reputable and reliable omnichannel software providers that provide their services to e-commerce companies. A quick internet search using search terms such as “omnichannel contact center software for e-commerce industries,” “omnichannel contact center software for e-commerce companies,” “e-commerce omnichannel contact center software,” or “best omnichannel contact center software for e-commerce.”

After pressing the enter key, you’ll find some results on the first page. It will comprise some websites as well as some lists of various reputed software providers. You can click on the individual websites or go to the listicles to compare the products, prices, and customer reviews.

  1. Contact the providers and ensure they can fulfill your needs

After shortlisting the contact center software providers, contact their team and dig deeper into their products. Tell them about your requirements and ask if they have a solution that can fulfill your needs. If yes, ask if they can provide a free demo for a week or two. If they agree to a free demo, then introduce the software to your customer service department and see if your agents can be trained to use it effectively. If the software ticks all of the above boxes, then purchase it without any delay.

Propel your e-commerce venture to new heights with omnichannel contact center software

The right omnichannel contact center software can yield considerable benefits to e-commerce companies in terms of excellent CX and exceptional customer service. Apart from improving efficiency and reducing costs, it can leverage customer data for better personalization, and customer satisfaction, as well as reporting and monitoring.

At HoduSoft, we have helped many e-tailers provide exceptional customer service and CX. By leveraging our HoduCC omnichannel contact center software for e-commerce companies, customer service representatives can deal with a huge volume of calls across multiple channels and provide high-quality service to their customers.

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