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Integration of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Channel in Contact Center Software Enhances All Round Performance

Contact center software solutions evolve to keep in pace with changing tech and customer patterns. That most present CC solutions are omnichannel is a pointer to changing trends influenced by customer behavior. Social media is just indispensable and, in response, contact centers may opt for CRM based software with social media integration which separates it from the CC solution. The better option is omnichannel contact center solution with Facebook and Twitter integration.

Twitter and Facebook happen to be the most popular and widely used of all the social media channels. Integration of these two channels makes life easier for the agent who must get a handle on a customer’s complaint or issue that is voiced in a tweet or on a Facebook post while keeping the conversation going over the phone.

Why Twitter integration into call center software? Twitter’s format is ideal to promote brief but fast and meaningful chats in real time as well as attach media. More to the point, Twitter provides a platform geared to support businesses in several ways one of which is that companies can have multiple accounts for different departments. It ties in neatly with a multi-tenant contact center software. Twitter’s data analytics deliver insights that help sales and marketing strategies which is another helpful feature. That Twitter is increasingly being used by customers to raise issues or to recommend services is one of the basic reasons to have Twitter included inside the call center software instead of being operated in parallel.

Facebook integration into CC software is just as important, perhaps more if one considers that people think this is a good place to learn about products and then buy once they are positively influenced. Naturally they may wish to pursue the process on Facebook itself. That can be done through a single thread. The customer likes it. Call center agent likes it because it does not involve much effort to change communication lanes. Conversational commerce is the driving force and CC solutions that integrate Facebook and Twitter stay right in front.

Communication is the key here. Customers today are an impatient lot. They want immediacy and would hardly like it if they had to switch channels. Social channels like Twitter and Facebook, when integrated into call center software, act like the glue that ensures customer loyalty.

From the agent’s perspective, it can be a real headache to have to handle multi-channel communications if these are not integrated into a single dashboard. Contact center solutions that have omnichannel functionality and social channel integrations contribute to agent efficiency and this translates to revenues as well as customer retention.

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