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7 Ways to Boost Business Revenue with an Omnichannel Contact Center Software

7 Ways to Boost Business Revenue with an Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Do you know you can boost your customer retention rate up to 89% by just adopting a powerful omnichannel strategy? A hassle-free and seamless omnichannel experience for your customers is the cornerstone of robust customer service.  An omnichannel contact center software serves as the bedrock for your omnichannel strategy.

An omnichannel customer engagement software can unveil diverse avenues for fetching business profitability. Before indulging in the ‘how’s, let’s figure out the ‘why’. Most businesses confuse the terms multichannel and omnichannel as the same. Let’s clear out this confusion first.

Omnichannel vs. multichannel call center software

Multichannel and omnichannel contact center solution differs in the integration. For multichannel call center software, agents can access different communication channels exclusively. For instance, an agent is assigned for a specific channel, say, social media. On the other hand, omnichannel contact center software unifies all the communication channels that eliminate the need for a channel-specific agent.

While the multichannel approach caters to the customer needs through diverse channels, it fails to deliver a consistent experience. Contrarily, the omnichannel approach simplifies the management of different communication channels by consolidating all data like call history, customer information, previous conversations, etc. across all channels. A contact center software for business becomes truly omnichannel when it can provide a seamless customer service experience irrespective of the channel.

Parameter Multichannel call center software Omnichannel contact center software
Focus Exclusively on a specific channel  Multiple channels
Separation of channels Separate channels without overlap Integrated channel providing seamless experience
Management Agent assigned for each channel Cross-channel management through any agent
Data storage and management Separate database for every channel Unified database of all the channels
Analytics Based on each channel separately 360-degree view of all customer touchpoints

7 Proven ways omnichannel Contact center software generates more revenue

Meeting the communication needs of today’s consumers becomes a challenge without omnichannel contact center software.  An omnichannel contact center software enables a business not just to fetch more revenue but also offers the following benefits:

  • Offering more communication options

Adding multiple communication channels enables customers to pick the channel that they prefer. With omnichannel contact software, your business can open up diverse communication channels such as email, social media, messaging, etc. It also becomes easier to manage these channels through a unified dashboard.

  • Enhances customer retention

An Omnichannel contact center solution can boost your customer retention rate faster than a single channel. Businesses can leverage omnichannel communication to engage more customers and build customer loyalty.

  • Boost agent productivity

Stitching the information from all the communication channels equips the agent with the right information at the right time. For instance, when a caller contacts the agent, the agent can view the customer information and previous conversation even before picking up the call. This prepares the agent to offer relevant resolutions faster. This way, omnichannel contact center software significantly boosts an agent’s productivity.

  • Deliver consistent experience through multiple channels

90% of customers expect a seamless experience through every channel while contacting a business. This can be only possible if the business has its cross-platform strategy in place. Omnichannel contact center software aids the cross-platform experience by amalgamating all the data across various communication channels.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Integrating all the communication channels enables businesses to provide a truly omnichannel customer experience. Customers feel welcomed and delighted when the agents are already aware of their issues. Omnichannel contact software contributes greatly to customer satisfaction.

  • Saves time through self-service

Today’s customers prefer self-serving over talking to a human agent. Omnichannel contact software enhances the self-serve capabilities by integrating BOT through different communication channels, especially social media. Such capabilities also reduce the call volume, letting your agents focus on more complex customer issues.

  • Analytics and reporting empower decision-making

Omnichannel contact center software enables the collection of data through multiple channels. Merging the data, provides more critical insights into customer behavior, pain points, and preferences. By implementing analytics and reporting, a business can gain actionable insights on operational flaws, agent training needs, areas to focus on for improving customer experience, etc.

Perks of omnichannel contact center solution for customers

Modern customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. They are most likely to switch brands if they do not feel valued enough or encounter a poor customer service experience. Omnichannel contact center software is the best contact center software approach to meet the evolving needs of the customers.

  • Faster resolution:  82% of customers expect an instant response to their queries or issues. Omnichannel contact software enables faster customer issue resolution through intelligent routing.
  • Customer’s preference of the channel: When a customer has the option to choose among multiple channels, they can choose the channel they are most comfortable with. This flexibility of choice adds to their positive experience. 

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  • Prevent repetition: Customers may feel frustrated to repeat their issue when switching between channels. Through omnichannel contact center software, all the conversations are integrated and thus customers do not need to repeat themselves every time they connect with a customer service agent or reach out through a different communication channel.
  • Personalized experience: As omnichannel contact center software gathers and consolidates information across all channels, the business can tailor the customer experience at every touchpoint. Therefore, customers receive a more personalized experience contributing to customer delight.

Best practices for implementing an omnichannel approach

  • Third-party business tool integration

Business tools such as CRM or calendar etc. can be integrated with omnichannel contact software to offer a holistic approach to customer service.

  • Mapping customer journeys

Observing and analyzing online customer journeys through an omnichannel contact center solution enables businesses to understand customer behavior trends and drive insights to reduce funnel drop-offs.

  • Implementing AI

AI is a powerful tool that can further enhance the capabilities of your omnichannel contact center software. Implementing AI decreases costs and enhances customer ratings. 

  • Monitoring customer preferences

Tracking and evaluating customer behavior provides data for sentimental analysis. It provides essential insights into customer actions thereby empowering the business to make informed decisions on their marketing strategies.

  • Intelligent routing

Through monitoring of customer preferences and movements online, omnichannel contact center software can route their calls to the right department at the customer’s first call. This intelligent routing accelerates customer resolutions leading to greater customer delight.

Meet futuristic customer expectations with omnichannel contact software 

The best contact center software is the one that connects with the customers and meets their expectations. Omnichannel contact center software builds an exceptional customer experience through the use of advanced technology. Make your customers feel valued by providing them with service through the channel they prefer. HoduSoft offers diverse unified communication products that allow businesses to hyper-personalize customer service. Its omnichannel approach enables businesses to deliver impeccable customer service through multiple channels. Check out our website to explore more about the HoduSoft product suite.

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