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How Call Center Software Facilitates Work from Home in This Corona Age

Corona is proving to be a disruptor in more ways than one. The entire global economy is forecast to see a drastic downturn. As a result, the employees are likely to suffer.  There is a risk of contracting the virus in closed work environments. The government has imposed restrictions on movement to control the spread of this virus. Seeing this, employers are shutting offices and asking employees to take non-paid leave. The case of GOAir is one such example.  

If you are operating a call center you will find yourself in a predicament. Call center services are essential and yet you do not want your employees to gather in a common area.  So, how you can keep your operations going ahead full steam and not let Corona disrupt services? Well, the solution is to opt for hosted call center software temporarily and tie it into your existing CRM.

Immediate setup

Tying it into your CRM may take a while longer but it is done without disrupting the front end. Your customers may not even know that you have switched software. You remain available and your employees work full time but with a difference. They work from home, having full access to call records and features of the software as well as the customer database.

Seamless transfer of calls

The hosted call center software allows employees seamless connectivity to the calling system.  They can access all important customer records. The software can transfer incoming call to a designated agent who may be using a desktop or a smartphone. 

A hosted solution is fine if you go for it. But, what if you already have on-premises software? Well, your call center service provider can configure it to permit secure CRM access over VPN.  for employees who work out of their homes.  Another way to do this is to configure the on-premises solution into an offline mode. This will help to direct the incoming calls to the landline of the agent.  

Team communications

A hosted solution or a configured on-premises solution ensures continuity of customer-end services. Yet, your teams will also need to collaborate and interact with each other. Supervisors may need to continue with the monitoring of calls. The workaround may need to use the built-in chat feature if the software includes WebRTC. WebRTC inclusion aids interaction between staff.  The agents can also use the audio-video call feature for an enhanced customer experience.  As regards monitoring employees, you can configure a login schedule. It will help you to know when agents start their work at home and when they log out.

In a nutshell, the important thing is to keep communications alive in these corona hit times. Apart from providing routine services, call centers must also provide emergency contact services. With call center software in place, there is no need to tell employees to go on leave. You can continue your operations when you have providers to help you find ways to keep working.

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