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HoduSoft witnesses overwhelming response to UC product suite at CPCE 2022

HoduSoft Witnesses Overwhelming Response to UC Product Suite at CP Expo

Technology is evolving every minute, every second. The global exposure provided through Channel Partner Conference & Event, Las Vegas led partners to connect with technology suppliers. The HodoSoft Leadership was overjoyed to be a part of this colossal networking event and meet 300+ technology channels and numerous partners. With the MSP summit as the cherry on the huge cake, we were glad to be a part of emerging trends & solutions in the technology world.

“Showcasing our UC products to all the partners in the event was a golden opportunity for us. We are delighted to know the impact of our UC products on our partners.  It was a pleasure to be acknowledged for how our products have advanced business communication. We are also overjoyed to witness the response of all the channel partners attending the event. Indeed, we can proudly claim that we have become a part of shared success. It is this support and impact that drives us to innovate new products to enrich the experience of every business.” Kartik Khambhati, the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer said.

The world’s largest independent channel event, Channel Partner Conference and Expo, 2022, was held at The Venetian in Las Vegas from 11th April to 14th April 2022. The HoduSoft team participated in the giant networking event along with multiple technology channels, innovators, key suppliers, brokers, visionaries, and business professionals to witness the technological advancement. This event offered the opportunity for the team to connect with numerous partners and run successful meetings with them. We were overwhelmed to enroll a significant number of partners at the event contributing to our business network growth across the globe.

Emerging Technologies Empowering Businesses

Channel Partner Conference and Expo had brought together 6,000+ agents, MSPs, VARs, consultants, integrators, and service providers aiming to drive businesses forward with the latest technologies. This event threw light on the development of ML/AI and cloud and how these tech aids are moving businesses forward.

Technology in the telecommunication industry is the bedrock for most businesses. While remote working takes the front seat, it has become imperative for leadership to focus on bridging communication gaps to ensure productivity. Unified Communication has become a table talk for every business owner. 

Moreover, advanced technology such as IoT, AI/ML, data analytics, Cloud and microservices, and edge computing are not behind in the race.  Cybersecurity and risk management after the emergence of 5G is also a concern for big players in the game.

Coming back to the discussion on business communication, reputed companies are looking forward to PBX systems that can be integrated into the cloud. Additionally, AI automation and data analytics has also become essential features for the PBX system. 

HoduSoft has become one of the prominent names in the field of VoIP services. With its feature-rich product range, it has been contributing to seamless business communication and collaboration for multiple global clients. At the event, the HoduSoft team exhibited the impact of its product on partners’ ROI. Undeniably, it has cracked the secret of uninterrupted communication that can be leveraged by its client to improve the customer service experience. Channel Partner Conference and Expo 2022 had been a successful event considering the response and welcoming attitude of partners for HoduSoft products.

The interaction with other tech channels also enriched the fruitfulness of the event. The HoduSoft team was elated to gain and share knowledge on the latest technology trends at one of the world’s largest networking events.

Reshaping Business Communication to Build Collaborative Workforces

Enthusiastically rearing shared success, HoduSoft has become an accomplished telecommunication company innovating technology to advance business communication through its diverse product suite. Serving 250+ customers spread across 60 countries, the company has positively transformed the business landscape over the last few years.

At the Channel Partner Conference and Expo, HoduSoft also exhibited its expertise through exclusive features of its product series. These telecom products help businesses adopt hybrid and remote work models without compromising communication and collaboration. Acknowledging the cut-throat environment in every industry, Unified Communication is a powerful tool worth investing in to differentiate your business from the crowd. The pace of digital transformation has been accelerated with the onset of the pandemic, making businesses adopt technological aids to pave the path to building a sustainable and agile organization. 

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