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HoduSoft strikes new ties and renews old at Call & Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas

HoduSoft strikes new ties and renews old at Call & Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas

The Call & Contact Center Expo at Las Vegas started with much fanfare, where HoduSoft showcased its innovative unified communications products. The HoduSoft team met, networked and forged new ties while renewing the old ones. The event is one of the world’s premier customer engagement and business intelligence events. The event took place in Las Vegas Convention Center on 16th & 17th March this year.

“It was a tremendous success and opportunity to meet all experienced and industry-leading speakers under one roof. We were able to get first-hand feedback for our products and understand customer expectations. We are delighted to be a part of this successful event and look forward to attending many more events like this to connect with our customers and partners.” Gaurang Upadhyay, Assistant Vice President – HoduSoft said.

The event saw participation from across the world with over 300 industry-leading speakers, 3,000 attendees, and 200 suppliers. The call center business is a growing industry, and HoduSoft is one of the leading call center companies in the world, well-known for providing outsourced call center services. It has achieved a huge customer base by providing quality service to the customer.

“This was an opportunity to network with the industry’s top decision makers and showcase our advanced Call Center software, which is one of the most innovative solutions currently in the market. HoduSoft specializes in the creation of innovative software solutions that help companies improve their contact center operations and achieve their business objectives.” he added.

At the event in Las Vegas, HoduSoft demonstrated its entire product line, including HoduCC, HoduPBX, HoduBlast, and HoduConf.

Our product line is developed with the aim of providing human-centric technology to aid smooth and hassle-free business communication. The company’s cutting-edge products are as follows.

1. HoduCC- Call and Contact Center Software

The HoduCC range is a multifaceted contact center software that brings efficiency by merging different communication channels enhancing the customer journey. It can be availed in two distinct versions: single and multi-tenant versions for businesses and large enterprises respectively.

HoduCC contact center software personalizes omnichannel communication through accurate mapping of customers’ journey- online and offline thereby improving every touchpoint. Gartner has recognized HoduCC as FrontRunner and CategoryLeader in its latest Digital Markets Reports.

With advanced features like process automation and auto-dialers, the HoduCC call center software holds a high rank among its peers. Its seamless integration of third-party CRM and SMS applications further enhance operational efficiency.

2. HoduPBX- Business Phone System

HoduPBX is available as two distinct products serving as a modern VoIP-based business telephony system for businesses of all sizes. Single and multi-tenant versions of the product make it cost-effective that equips your business communication with aids to be future-ready.

3. HoduBlast- SMS and Voice Broadcast Software

HoduBlast is a voice and SMS broadcasting software that serves as a reliable solution for outreach and marketing campaigns. This digital voice and messaging software are widely used by businesses, governments, and NGOs. HoduBlast possesses the capability of cutting down 30%-70% of marketing costs while reducing the efforts of the whole process to just a few clicks.

4. HoduConf- Audio Conferencing Software

HoduConf renders as a reliable communication and collaboration tool that ensures seamless syncing of team activities and conversations. This multi-tasking audio conferencing software becomes a great fit in every business landscape, be it small interactive meetings or large engaging webinars. It has transformed the way to connect with employees, partners, service providers, and clients. This feature-rich software provides the freedom of connecting from any device of their choice.

Reinventing Business Communications and Collaborations

Driving the business towards shared success, HoduSoft has become a seasoned telecommunication company leveraging technology to transform and innovate business communication through a diverse line of products. Serving 250+ customers spread across 40 countries, the company has impacted the business landscape dramatically over the last few years.

Harnessing advanced technology, HoduSoft aims at being the innovation leader with world-class unified communication products.

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